Hello Everyone,


I recently got an e-mail from someone at "Thumbtack" asking if I was a voiceover artist?  I "red flag" went up as I did not know the person who sent it to me.  They do have a legitimate website where you post what you do, fees and the like and then they (Thumbtack) send you leads on potential jobs.


I have gone to their website and have sent them several e-mails with all sorts of questions, but have not signed up as of yet.  I am wondering if anyone works with/has worked with "Thumbtack" and what your experience has been?  Good, bad and otherwise.


Thank you,

Judy Fossum

Judy Fossum VoiceOvers


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Hi Judy,

You don't have to worry about spamming or phishing.

I understand what you're saying about their approach. I felt the same way and did a lot of investigating before setting up a profile.

They're basically similar to sites like "Yelp".... Offering several different services on a regional basis.

They try to make their approach message seem personal and familiar. Probably a bit too familiar!

Anyway, I set up a profile with them about a year ago. It's pretty comprehensive as far as what you can include.

I've received a handful of job leads through them but, alas, no jobs yet :(

Overall though, they've been absolutely no problem at all. I just see it as a bit more exposure.

 Here's my profile there, if you'd like to check things out first:


Good luck with everything!

Best Wishes,


I can echo what David Gavin has to say about Thumbtack. If you respond to a lead they provide, you'll have two options to reply to that lead.  One, you pay a few bucks up front and you get the lead.  Or, two, you take the lead on a consignment basis.  If you win the gig, you pay Thumbtack a small percentage.  I've had a number of leads, took the percentage option, but haven't won gigs yet.  It's free to set up the profile, which means more exposure and that's the primary reason I created a profile on Thumbtack.  Cheers, Peter

Thank you Peter and David for your comments!

That is what I was thinking, as signing up and posting a profile would be good for more exposure, leads and the potential for building relationships and hopefully landing a gig.

I am happy to hear that Thumbtack is on the "up and up". 

Have a great week,

Judy Fossum



You too Judy!

Hey Judy,

I signed up for Thumbtack a while back. It seems to be a way to get yourself out there, but the drawback I see so far is that it's not a relatively well-known site (meaning there probably aren't a lot of people using it yet). It is, however, like David and Peter said, a way to get more exposure and it's free to set-up.  


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