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What is the "going rate" for retakes should a client want one?  In this case, a client sent me two separate scripts to record (~2 to 2 1/2 minutes or so each) in April.  The audio is done and was sent to them 2 weeks ago.  I just got word that they want them redone so they are each only 30 seconds.  The script will be the same as far as the subject matter is concerned, but of course a lot shorter (which they will provide). 

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Sounds like a whole new job to me. 

Yeah, I'd have to agree with Dawn on this one - it's a new gig.  In my book, retakes are considered as being less than 25% of the total script and are charged as such.  Whittling a script from 2:30 to :30 isn't a retake by any stretch of the imagination.

Charge them for another session. It's a new script. Just because some of the "words are the same" doesn't matter. It will be a new performance of a different script.

If it was a different paragraph or 1 or 2 lines being revised and you were working with the original production that's one thing and I could see just charging for retakes. But from what I understand you need to perform the same message in a shorter amount of time.

Unless you're able to edit your previous session into the shorter version you're starting over.

I guess my point is you're not working from the previous product. If they approved the copy and now they don't like it and want to start over then I think you should get a new session fee, whatever that is for you.

Difficult situation, but it's really apples and oranges. That's my opinion.

Hope it helps and good luck!


I agree with John...it's a new session.  If it was a matter of hours, or maybe a couple of days I would cut them some slack...but several weeks is a brand new session in my mind.

Dawn, Mike, John and Kevin,

Thanks so much for your input and help.  You all not only brought up good points for this particular VO project, but for others down the road as well.  I guess it's settled then...new session it is.

Thanks again,



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