I enjoy doing medical and technical copy and would like to market myself to large urban Hospitals,

as they obviously do teaching and would need professional narrations. Has anybody approached hospitals before? What department would I ask for?


I would imagine that this is different from their paid advertising, in which they would use ad agencies,

but I don't really know.


Any advice or practical experience out there?




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Hi Nate! Great question.

I have done some stuff for hospitals before and what I found was that the presentations were actually handled by specific departments or even individual physicians. So, there was no one single source to contact. However, generally it is possible to get a list of the presenters through the hospital dept that handles the Continuing Education. That, of course, will vary from hospital to hospital. Usually each specialty dept is responsible for at least one presentation a year. So, by contacting the departments you can get some leads on who might need your services.

Another approach is to do a little research on the local video producers that are often the ones that get those sort of production jobs. Here in KC there are about 3 video producers that seem to do most of the medical projects. Once you know who the players are you can also contact them.

I've noticed that more and more physicians (especially the teaching ones) are creating training videos that they use themselves or even sell. So, a teaching hospital or a medical school could be a great opportunity for you!

Hope that helps.
It depends on the city and on the hospital. Some hospital systems might still have their own in-house AV department, while others outsource to local production companies. About 15 years ago, most systems had their own media team, but that has changed in many cities. I usually get work through my agent here in Houston for medical jobs, but as Dan said, there are many independent projects that you can secure on your own by networking within the medical community. I would begin by checking to see what systems have their own in-house team.
Good luck,
Hi Nate -

I have found that it's a mixed bag with hospitals and their marketing efforts. Some have in-house Directors of Marketing, some outsource marketing and production, etc.... I recently met the President of a local hospital at my Chamber of Commerce meeting who happened to be announcing the grand opening of a multi-million dollar expansion. It was great timing.

Our local hospitals are enhancing their websites by incorporating videos geared toward their patients describing popular procedures to relieve their anxiety and let them know exactly what to expect. A production company oversaw some of these videos. If you visit a hospital website, see if they have videos, call the Director of Marketing and ask them how they produce their videos, they will happily share the information which would provide you with the perfect segway into your professional services.

Good luck!



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