Hey!  It sounds like a great name for a conference that I could charge mega bux for - JumpStart 2010 and then I wouldn't have to work the rest if the year!  But this year we'll offer it for free because I'm such a nice guy.

And putting on conferences are too much work!


What tips would you offer someone needing to jumpstart their VO career in 2010?

I'll start it off:

Go find 3 engineers that produce voiceover work and take them to lunch (separately) and pick their brains about how to take your career to the next level.

Send a Happy New Year card to each of your clients from this past year and thank them for their business in 2009.

Rebuild your demos to reflect your 3 or 4 best styles/deliveries.  Label them accordingly and load them on your website (yes, you should have a website!).

We'd love to see your suggestions!  Take a moment and let us know what you'd recommend!

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This is a great way to start the year off right!! Well, I've been studying & practicing to get 2010 moving. Another good idea is to make a list of potential clients you'd love to work with.

Refresh the look/content on your website & google yourself to see how searchable & findable you are to potential clients who could be looking for you.

Network, Network, Network. Consider attending a local chamber of commerce meeting. I attended a local chamber of commerce seminar on internet networking in October. Coincidentally the company conducting the seminar has a web e-learning course in production for a 2010 launch! They are considering me now for its voice (okay, yeah that was really lucky timing). Attending these meetings also connects you to the business community which may need some voice over work in the future. Personally handing out your card and meeting people in person creates a long lasting connection. Just make sure you follow up on your leads and stay connected somehow.
Well...for me...I am offering original music for Movie & Video projects. From simple theme songs to complex orchestrated soundtracks... with both, I can offer thematic elements (to increase the drama) to use throughout their project. I'm thinkin' the budget minded will like the idea.
Now, I don't know how this will be received,...But, I feel that it fits perfectly in with VO work.
Plus, I love Music so its a double win for me!

It all stems from these questions: 1) What can I do, that nobody else can do? ( or at least very few people ) or, 2) What makes me, me?

Ask yourself the same questions... I think that it will help focus you, in the new year!

These 2cents are courtesy of: Arthur Maxx
...Keep the Change!

Here are some suggestions from Voice Over Xtra http://www.voiceoverxtra.com/article.htm?id=ylstzshi

Opps, one of them is "oin a voice-over community like VU - VoiceoverUniverse dot com". You've already done that because you're reading this, so I guess we're ahead of the game!

Seriously though, this article (and the site in general - subscribe to the newsletter) offers some good food for thought.

Hi all,

I am curious to know what folks do about sending out cards to clients, agents, casting directors, etc. for the holidays. I have sent out my regular postcards that have been tweaked with a few little details to make them into holiday cards. I've asked a lot of people out there what they typically do, and I always hear "do whatever you're comfortable with." I'd love some more concrete ideas. Do you have your regular postcards with your logo made into holiday cards? Just use your regular cards and just handwrite a holiday message on them? Get generic holiday cards and put some sort of stamp on them with your logo?

Also curious to know what people have done about gifts for agents and casting directors you've worked with. I'm running out of ideas!

Thanks so much, and Happy New Year everyone!

Judy Kameny
Hi Judy!

Here's a little twist that has worked for me. I don't send out Christmas cards. I send out New Year's cards. And the reason is because they stand out a little more. I noticed several years ago that my Christmas cards were getting lost in the onslaught of all the other cards that clients were getting...plus the mad rush of the season. So...now I stuff like that out in January and I get a much better response.

Make it as personal as appropriate. If you've worked with the client within the last year, thank them for that opportunity. If you recall a good milestone in their life, mention it. Thank them for their friendship and wish them well for the new year.

I'm not sure this is the time to make them an offer. They understand that you're available and want to work for them. Just let them know you appreciate them.

Anyway, that's what has worked for me. Anybody else?

Best at ya!

Thanks, Dan - good suggestion! You're right - I think things do get lost in the shuffle of holiday craziness!

Best right back at 'ya!
I'm doing a mass mailing of various demos, but am wondering whether its worth it to invest in some type of customized CD mailer. Mostly I see for sale the regular old manilla CD mailers. Is it worth it or is it just destined to end up in an assistant's garbage can?
Very sound advice. I believe that gentle persistence goes a long way when getting your voice and talents out there. My problem is living in a small town where there is little demand for voice work. The web site is a fantastic idea. I'm working on mine and I encourage all of you who don't have one in action to risk the expense and go for it.

I just want to know how to get the 1st job? thx


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