I have recently read about having agents for p2p sites.  How does this work?  Once you send in an audition and are chosen for the gig, do you then forward everything to your agent?  On some sites you must provide a quote with your audition.  How then does that work?  Do you work with your agent to get the correct quote (including their commission should you be chosen for the job) and then send in the audition?  Agents are busy and in many cases time is of the essence when auditioning.  

I audition online and have representation in a certain market.  I have talked with them, they know I audition online and have asked if the audition/job is in their market that I contact them first.  That is certainly understandable.

When looking for representation, should talent ask if the agent also represents talent through P2P sites as well?

Thank you for your expertise,

Judy Fossum

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Cheyenne, WY

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Hi Judy-

The only exposure I've had to something like an Agent for P2P is when an agency (aka p2p site) gets leads for jobs that you can audition for, but in order to have them "Host" your demo and to be considered in the stable of talent is to pay them an annual fee for the priviledge. It's not the same as the plain ol' p2p where they send everyone who's paid the fees all the leads and auditions.

The difference is that the agency will act as an agency for you, but you have to pay them to host your demo and promote you first.

That's my understanding of how they work, but I may be missing something "new" out there in the VO world. If this is something different, then please let me/us know.

It's not how I want to have a relationship with an agent, so I don't "Play" in that world. I want an agent who promotes me because they genuinely believe I'm right for the part and have a vested interested in my success. Paying a little up front seems to put us VO talent at a disadvantage and takes a little incentive away from them.

My 2 cents.



Hi Judy,

It sounds a little confusing to me, but I get the feeling your agent is saying that if there is a job that both they and any given P2P site have "dibs" on, then they want to be the ones to represent you.

It sounds like a conflict of interests kind of matter.... they make their money off the commission if they get you the job.

A similar matter was an agent saying they wanted to represent me, but they wanted "exclusivity" for their entire region. I guess if a job from their region was also posted on P2P, then I would have to do it through them.

Otherwise, I can't imagine another reason for it....?

John and David,

Thank you for your input, help and expertise. 

In being up front with my agent, I let them know that as a voice talent I also audition online.  They understand that, but like you said, David, that if a job from the agent's region was also posted on P2P they asked that I do the audition through them.

Thanks so much, I was wondering what other's experience was in this matter.

Have a good Friday and weekend and thanks again,


My pleasure Judy! You do the same :~)

Does anyone know anything about VoiceHunter.com?


VoiceHunter seems to have gone the way of promoting celebrity voices.  They don't appear to be too concerned about non-celebrity voice talents.

Yes, I have noticed that. Thanks for the second pair of eyes....


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