Dear God,

Thank you for giving me the unique and privileged opportunity to be in the voiceover business. Not too many people can say that they absolutely love what they do, but I can!

I’m grateful for clients who must be the absolute best in the world. Well, except for that one guy that totally scammed me, but that’s between You and him now. Please bless my clients! Make their efforts and hard work completely successful. Overwhelm them with the rewards of a job well done.

And thank you for the fellow voice talents You’ve put in my life. You’ve made me better by knowing them, and I am inspired, motivated and challenged by each of them.

Lord, there are some folks who don’t get enough credit or appreciation in this business: the engineers, and producers, and writers, and translators that make magic out of my often inane and inadequate performance. Please bless them in a special way!

But most of all, thank You for a wife and kids that put up with my idiosyncrasies and weirdness. You’ve given them great patience and a high tolerance to my obsession. I know it’s not right to stay up until 3am working on a silly audition that I have a 1 in a 1000 chance of getting, but how cool is it that I can!?!?!

I really only have one thing to ask for. Would it be OK if I kept doing this? I mean, would You connect me with the right people so that I can keep doing this for a long time? That would be awesome!

So, I just wanted to say THANKS! I know I don’t deserve it, but WOW, You’ve been good to me! I am of all people most fortunate, and I am deeply, deeply grateful.


P.S. By the way, thanks for helping me figure out where that stupid buzz was coming from in my studio.

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Completely cool, Dan.
Amen +1!
From your mouth to the good Lord's ears - for all of us. Amen! Thank you, Dan ...
aaahhh...what a refreshing reassurance to know I share with so many obsession that I love and I'm so blessed to truly be a "Working Voice Actress!" What an Awesome prayer to an Awesome GOD!!! Amen!

Dan, thanks for this one!
Thanks Dan! It's so easy to focus on the frustrations - like sending auditions off into the ether and never hearing from the client again. Or having to look at the number of jobs that weren't even opened! (How can they do this? don't they know that I spent hours putting this audition together till I had absolutely the best take I could make?). Your prayer is scotch-taped to the wall in front of my laptop - just to remind me of what's important.
Liz Bergstone
Wow! Powerful Prayer! and The Lord wants us to be just like this straight to the point, and easy to understand!

Praise God!

Roz Smith
Truly amazing Dan and THANKS!


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