Like most voice talent, I've currently got a handful of agents who keep me fairly busy on a weekly basis with auditions.  Most of these auditions are for commercial work.  While my goal is to build my commercial portfolio, I truly believe that my strengths lie in narration (audio books) and promo.  Here's the question: how do I find an agent or two who book a lot of business in these areas?  Do I want to be represented by the biggest and baddest booking agents when it comes to narration and promo or am I better off working with an agent who specializes in these areas but won't make me feel like a small fish in a big pond?  Does anyone out there know who the "gold standard" agencies are when it comes to booking for narration and promo??  Thanks in advance for your responses.  I need help!! :)

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Do you mind if I ask, if you got your agents in major, mid or small markets and could you share how you connected with them?  Did you sent out lots of demos or target certain agencies.

 Any other tips would be appreciated.  My brother and I have on camera agents who do submit us for VO but I would like to help my Dad get an agent.  His on camera agency does not submit VO work.  

Thank you.

Hi Alexis,

My agents are in large markets (mostly Chicago).  I connected with them by marketing my VO website to them directly.  After having professional demos recorded and edited I uploaded them to my website at  I then used mass mailing campaigns to talent agents in order to get representation.

These days, I think contacting agencies that book VO jobs directly via email is the way to go.

Hope that helps!



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