I'm wondering how you folks cope with keeping those energy levels up in long form. I myself just walk away for awhile, get involved with another activity, anything to pull my mind away from that focus just to switch it up a bit.

Anyone else have ways to get the energy boost? Besides a pot of coffee chased by a case of Red Bull and a bottle of No Doz?

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Hi Dina,

I do tons of long form narration, and your idea is a good one. It is definitely helpful to get up and move around - go do something else for a short time. Get something to drink, refresh. Check email and respond to a few - get your mind going somewhere else. I've actually almost nodded off while recording!

Come back, focus and really think about what you're reading and "just do it"!

I once helped out a friend who had a very last minute request from his e-learning client for a female voice for a HUGE project that they, of course, needed turned around in a day. We're talking about maybe 100 pages of technical copy. I did it, and my friend said he couldn't believe it. I actually sounded even better toward the end of all that! Go figure.
Wow Melanie! That's awesome that you were able to pull that off with such finesse! Did you tell your friend you were just hitting your stride and to bring on some more? Sounds like it's like shooting fish in a barrel for you.
This is such a great topic! I actually lost a job once because the client wanted a real over the top valley girl hard sell which was out of my comfort zone and I did the audition, they loved it and 30 pages later I guess I lost the energy or something? because the client came back and said it wasn't what they hired me to do. So there I was out time, the job and left with a hoarse voice... so yes, walking away, breaking the spot into multiple recording sessions, all great ideas!


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