This question is for any voice actors that want to share.
How long did it take you to get that first VO gig?

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So putting yourself in the right places is really the best option? Sounds like luck has just as much to play regarding intial success as talent or marketing.
I didn't exactly phrase that the way I wanted to. I graduated with a Sport Management degree in college and then went on to be an assistant Teen Librarian. Despite not being involved in communications, radio, music, or production (fields that I associate with voice actors) , I've always worked hard at developing and improving my voice acting skills and knowledge. Through listening to Rodney Saulsberry and the wonderful people at Voicecoaches, I understand that I must continue to learn and improve forever, which I am doing. But is that enough?

The majority of voice actors I have encountered have worked jobs related to voice acting in some way. It seems that getting into voice acting does involve some degree of luck, and the luck comes from working around people who are in the industry.

I feel intimidated by my inexperience and just want to progress, but I don't know how to gauge my efforts.


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