Whisper Room VO Booth 4x4 Enhanced with Ventilation and Lighting Excellent condition: $2800. LA area.

Here you go. Exactly what you were looking for: A 4 x 4 Whisper Room voice over booth in excellent condition. This is the enhanced model 4848e with the extra sound proofing, and interior light, large window and ventilation system. Ordered from the factory this will cost you close to seven thousand dollars when you include the hefty shipping charges. We will let it go for $2,800. You will come to disassemble and move it yourself. This is a simple job that can be done by two or three guys and simple hand tools (wrench, screwdriver!)....rent a U-Haul. This until was lovingly used by a Los Angeles voice actor who passed away suddenly. It's clean, and came from a non-smoking home. We also have a beautiful cherry wood audio/film editing workstation for sale at a great price.

If you are not familiar, The Whisper Room is the gold standard for home voice over booths. http://www.whisperroom.com/ Exact dimensions are 4'2" x 4'2" x 7'1." They are also used by musicians to record vocals……but the primary use is for voice over talent with home studios. It will attenuate about 40 - 60 db….eliminating computer fan noise, air conditioner noise, and the leaf blower three houses away. It will create a clean, "dead" sonic environment for vocal microphones. It is not 100% "sound proof" but is the closest thing you will get without building out an air tight floating sub room with air lock doors and double glass! If you live next door to a rock quarry, the Whisper room will help, but, be realistic! Best of all, it can move with you, if you outgrow your current pad. I have owned two of these units over the years, and they have served me well. This is a great deal, but it will go fast, so act now. (contents of booth in the photo, not included, of course!)

contact: beau@spokenword.com

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