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In the very near future (by early next year) I will looking for a good used Sennheiser 416. If you have one you do not need or know of one, please let me know.

Thank you very much!

Talk Soon,

PS: I will work for equipment...lol
Hello Michael,

Hope this finds you well. I have a Sennheiser 416 for sale. It's like new. Moved to a new company and I don't have a need for it any longer. Selling for $1500.00 can be flexible.
Let me know if you are interested. You can email me at: posshvoices@aol.com
Is that Canadian dollars? They are $1200 new in USD.
My best price offer so far is $1099.00..
I also have a 416 for sale. I paid $1,300 for it a couple of years ago and hardly use it.
For some reason I prefer my Neumann TLM 103 on my voice.
I have the original box, mount, windscreen and documentation. if you're interested.
Hello Michael!

I am actually selling my venerable 416 for the price of $700. I purchased it used from ebay about 5-6 years ago, and I paid $1000 for it...I had it rebuilt once, because I seem to have miscalculated exactly how loud I was going to shout at it one day, and blew the capsule. A few days with Sennheiser, and it was as good as new. Heck, they even cleaned it up, and refurbished the white paint on the lettering!

Anyway, I will sell it to you, and ship it to you in the metal "to-go" tube that my Rode NTG-3 shotgun came in. It's perfect for the 416.

I'm ordering a second RODE as my backup and "mobile studio" microphone, so I won't be needing this one anymore.

I also just purchased John Weeks' U87 ( THANKS AGAIN JOHN! )...So I'll have that in my home arsenal as well...

If you're interested, email me for pics!

Take care!

Mike Bratton
Mike.. you still have that 416?
I have a Neumann TLM-103 Large-diaphragm Cardioid Mic with Wooden Jeweler's Box that is in perfect condition by all standards. I have had it for two years. (Purchased New) It does not have a shock mount but does have a stand mount. I am willing to let it go for $800.00. MSRP on this mic currently is $1,478.00 (New)


Mike Patrick
I am selling a Pearlman TM-1 with German Tube. It is a beautiful sounding microphone, but a bit too BIG and colored for my work, which requires mainly a neutral sound. I've used it less that a half dozen times. All the goodies including power supply, mogami cables, shockmount and flight case, all in PERFECT condition for $1400.00. I purchased it new, almost 2 years ago for $1650.00.

If you do promos, imaging, trailers, or especially sing, this mic shines with very little eq needed...it sounds larger than life, and dominates any mix with ease. If you every wanted the vintage color and tone of a U47, this is an awesome soundalike for alot less than a U47. Again, just too much color for me as I voice mainly commercials and narration. If interesetd, you should definately research the Pearlman online...shootouts, whos using it, reviews, etc. Its an exceptional mic, and nowadays the price has gone up since I purchased mine. I'll be happy to upload pics if your interested.



Looking for an Electro-Voice RE20 anyone is not using and is willing to part with at a low cost(my wife has a tight hold on the purse strings!)


Groove Tube GT66, with power supply.
Sweet mic, very clean, $700 bucks.

And if you live up north, you can plug it into your car's engine block
at night to keep it nice and toasty! :)
Ok.. well.. no you can't do that, but it is nice and warm mic.
Hi all...Looking for entry level mic, do i need interface? entry level. Any ideas what to look at and where...this stuff iss very foreign...have ms vista...any ideas on forums/discussion groups to look at...anything will help...thanx for you attention.


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