I asked this question earlier but I think I may have asked it in the wrong area...Guys I need your help, if you had $2,000 to spend at musiciansfriend.com, what gear chain would you get? I have heard good and bad things about tubes but I heard they sound best. I like what I've read about the Aphex 230 and the ART Digital MPA, but also the DBX286a. So please...LMK what you would get as far as a chain.

I currently have this...

RodeNT1A mic
Emu1616m card with breakout box
Intel Core 2 duo PC
M-Audio DBX5a monitors

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...

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Hi Luis,
One thing I would suggest for you to do is shop around to get the best price you can. Also, ask about B stock stuff, because a lot of times these units might just have a small scratch on them, but work like new and they come with the full warranty.
If you are happy with the Rode NT1A, I would keep that and spend your money on a good preamp. I've heard good things about the Speck pres (Lance Blair down in Atlanta can tell you more about that unit). If you're wanting a compressor, you might look into the RNC compressor. It's supposed to be really good for the price. Another preamp that I find interested that would probably come in at $1100 or $1200 is the Little Labs LMNOPre.
I've also heard good things about the Aphex 230 and DBX 286a, but I'm not that familiar with the ART.
I'll let the other guys jump in.
Good luck!
Use Sweetwater... www.sweetwater.com . They're more knowledgeable and back what they sell with good support. For 2k...
Maybe a Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic, and a Drawmer MX-60. I've had good luck with that combo for years now.
Ben B
I've dealt with Sweetwater for some things and they are great guys!
www.sweetwater.com has always been my supplier. They've always backed me up with grrreat tech support and quick answers.
The Senn. 416 should run about 1200 new...but you might try ebay for a used one. The Drawmer MX60 is an all in one-er ($799, I think). I like the fact it has an awesome compressor on it (for which Drawmer is known) and if you want to mess around with the tube sound it also has a tube emulator section. Most of my daily work is done on this chain to a Mackie 1604 mixer and then to Pro Tools LE on a Mac G-4. Then uploaded or emailed.

My home chain is the TLM 103 straight to an Amek/Rupert Neve Pure Path (they don't make these anymore, unfortunately)...then to the Mackie 1604 and so on.

I also wrote all this because Luis asked me what my processing chain was in the comments section of my VU page.

I also have a back up mic, the AKG Perception 420 ($299) running through a P-Solo pre-amp (that I got form Mike Bratton www.mwbproductions.com ...into a dbx 166xl compressor and then to the Mackie 1604 board. I like having as many back up options as possible.

I've yet to put in ISDN at the home studio although I had it installed at the Station studio.

Thx for the compliments and suggestions Lance. I will take your advice and get that TLM 103...I have been thinking about it for a while and will prob pick up a used one first...
You know I've known a lot of people who use the NT1A and Love it. It can achieve a very punchy and crisp PRO sound.
As far as compressors I have a DBX 166 that I love, and it has a great gate on it. It's low priced but sounds good. As far a pre...You might try some of these...
Avalon M5, P-Solo True Systems, Solo 610 from UA.


MOTU Ultralite

Neumann TLM (or RODE NT2 if youwhatever sound you like)

AKG 240

Adam A7

Forget about those processors, go for a signal as clean as possible.

Neumann TLM mike (or RODE NT2 as an alternative)

MOTU Ultralite audio interface

AKG headphones

Adam monitors

Forget about those processors, go for a signal as clean as possible. True Systems P-solo is OK, but as with all processors it adds distortion in the form of a 'muddier' sound.


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