I have my converted closet/hallway set up... just installed ISDN, as I do a fair amount of fill-in work on Air America, and my set-up is fine for that purpose. But I'm finally getting serious about jump-starting my vo career, and know I need to upgrade my studio for that purpose... and need to do so as economically as possible.

Are there any pros down here in South Florida who could help me figure out what I need?

I currently have nothing on the walls, and it sounds like it! I have the radio studio standard RE20 mic, a Mackie mixer, and little else. ( I do have a dbx 586 which isn't working and is therefore in a box in the garage)...

So, I obviously need some help! Thanks...

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Hi Nicole,
I think your best approach is to get the room sounding right first. I've found that acoustic panels work much better than foam. Once the room is right, then see how it sounds with what you have and go from there.
Good luck!


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