I am having the hardest time finding some network sounds,help please?

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Hey Larry -

Can ya elaborate a little more on what "network sounds" sound like?

Perhaps computery electronic bleeps/blips/beeps/buzzes......or sound FX/music beds like in a bigtime TV network promo.....or.....??
music beds like radio and tv
network promo
Gotcha....thanks for the clarification!

I recently had a new client in Mexico ask nearly the same question, and here's a rundown of what I sent him, which he said was a huge help...

1) A good guy to follow here on VU for this kinda thing is Dave Courvosier (yes, like the cognac), who did a couple of great articles recently:

"50+ Sources For Royalty-Free Music, Sound Effects, Looped Tracks & More "

"36 Top Sound Effects Web Sites For When You Need A THWACK! Or ..."

2) There's some good libraries out there that many radio and TV stations/networks use if you have some $$ to spend (don't worry, some of these have smaller sets that aren't as expensive as the massive packages they'd like you to buy):

Sound Ideas

Hollywood Edge


TM Studios

Killer Tracks

3) If you're using Apple stuff to produce your projects (i.e. Logic, Final Cut), they also have some amazing sounding loops and music libraries that you can buy from their site that are also available in most major music retail stores - look for "Jam Packs" and "AMG Triple Platinum Loops". I work exclusively in Logic Studio myself which came bundled with some of these, and I believe they're all in Apple's Core Audio .CAF format - so I'm not sure if they can be used in other non-Apple packages like ProTools.

Hope these help!
Its the tv network sound


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