Well, I don't know if this is appropriate or not, so forgive me if I am out of line. I was curious if there are any "gear heads" here interested in any bartering for some of the gear I no longer use. Here is what I have:

Orban 2 channel Compressor/Limiter
Orban EQ
M-Audio Tampa Pre
ART Tube Pre
Valley 400 Mic Processor
Possibly a Valley 401

If interested shoot me a pm.I can trade off individual pieces, or the whole lot. I am really interested in a better quality pre or even a processor. again, if I am out of line with this post, my apologies.

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Hi Eric,
Is there anything in particular that you are looking for in the way of gear?
You might want to post a list of "wants" as well.
Good luck!
I am really looking for a decent pre or a mic processor. As far as mic processors go, maybe a symetrix 528 or something along those lines. As far as pre amps go, I don't expect an Avalon M5 or anything, but something fairly nice.
I have a (new in the box) Focusrite Voicemaster Pro that I'm looking to sell. I bought it and had some problems with it, so I returned it and they sent me a brand new unit. While it was away I bought another processor and haven't used the Focusrite at all. I'm asking $500 for it if anyone is interested.
Not interested in any trade are you?
Not right now. I've just spent some cash on a new mic, so I'm just trying to recoup a little bit!


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