First of all, out of anybody else in this group, it shall be Steven Mane who will launch into orbit and shall never come down. Just want to get that through to you: you can't beat Steven Mane.

Now, that being said, I don't just want to talk about Steven Mane (although Steven Mane loves to refer to himself in the third person). But, how do you know that a newcomer truly is "the real deal" (like me)? Charisma? Talent? Luck? A Winning Smile (*smiling* DING!)? And, on this same topic, how far does charisma get you in this business?

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From my accelerated learning pace for the last 6 months, it basically boils down to this:

1. Have a voice that is somewhat applicable to this industry.
2. Get professional training to bring out the best your voice can offer.
3. Learn everything about the profession and assemble all the tools in your VO utility belt. (reading techniques, audition tips, exercises, warm-ups, Moment Before, Energy, etc.)
4. Use your charisma to take care of everything else: Build relationships, get along with people, make people laugh, make people remember you, network with everyone so they think about referring you for no benefit for themselves.

So, yes, the charisma, (or confidence, good-naturedness, flexibility, creativity) will fill in all of the blanks left after you have the Pipes, Chops, and Marketing Acumen and list of Contacts.

Oh, and patience.

And perseverance.

And a "closer" mentality (short memory).

And a day job or savings to invest wisely with.

Other than that, don't sweat it, because even Jerks get high-paying VO jobs!

Thanks for the conversation!

Bill Sleeper
the Voice That's Yours!
Charisma's different than "cocky". haha. No one likes cocky. I assume you're being sarcastic because this is not a business that one is neccasarily "better" than another. Everyone has something to bring to the table assuming they have voice over talent in the first place. And the client either wants your particular Style or Not. That's about it. At William Morris , my auditions are thrown in with about 30-60 others, and they're ALL pro's. That's why agents will always say you WON the job. It's kinda like a mini-lottery, with big money at stake. Quiet confidence is what all the pro's I've ever known have. And don't wait around for your agent to get you gigs.., go out and rustle them up, and hopefully Synergy will do it's job. Good luck!

William Williams digs the fact that Steven Mane is describing the amazing, Steven Mane!

That being said, one thing you can't teach is charisma. So if Steven Mane truely does have charisma, Steven Mane needs to use it to schmooze as many people as possible.


Like Bill says, having allies in this game is priceless, especially when it comes to getting your foot in the door.


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