Recently, I asked you all for feedback on a demo, and got one response.

Then I noticed that there were no more than three responses to any of the discussions started.

When you become a member of a group you have a resonsability to the other members of the group to be there for them and help them out. Otherwise what is the point of the group even existing?

With that in mind can we all make a commitment to actively taking part in this group?

I wish you all the best!


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Hey Mutt I see where you are coming from. Sometimes when many of the people here in this forum are new themselves they may feel they are not qualified to give an opinion, so they wait for someone else to give a pointer or two. Myself I have been away from this site for a few weeks and did not see your request. Everyone I assure you, wants to see you succeed and prosper in the field of VO. I'm not brand spanking new to this business and I'm not making it full time either. I have noticed that VO takes huge quantities of stamina and massive doses of anti-rejection syrum to keep one from just giving up and throwing in the towel. OK, here comes the plug. E-mail me if you would like and I will share some upcoming plans that I have for helping keep ones spirits from tanking. You are not alone in your feelings, believe me.

Keep your spirits up my VO brother,

Craig Koepke aka the Voice of the Velvet Hammer
I am new myself, but I agree. We need to read each day and answer when we can.

Hi Mutt! Though you bring up a valid point about participation, it is voluntary. And in order for things to happen as they should, not as one would want, it should happen organically. If people choose to participate - great, and if not - great as well. Mr. Hitler made my point quite well.

May I share my little epiphany about demos? I'll take that as a yes. Don't sweat it. Listening to demos is very subjective. I have heard great demos being torn apart by very, very experienced tradespeople. I have also seen talent obtain high profile Agents, and frankly I wonder how that happened. People like what they like. Good day, bad day, busy day, or actually having 2 minutes to listen to 10-15 demos. Do your best, market yourself. What matters is what your clients and your potential clients say. That's what matters. When you market yourself enough, you will get feedback. And I can also tell you that for every 100 demos you send out, you will get 100 different opinions.

Do your absolute best. Never, every give up. Believe in yourself. Smile when you say that. Things tend to come together nicely when that happens. I believe in you. I believe in each and every person on this site. If they are here, then they are serious, that much I know for sure. Put out good vibes and good things happen, it's a universal truth that transcends every religion and belief. Put the blinders on and full steam ahead Mutt!!
Hey Mutt

This is soo true. Joining anything means being a part of it. While I'm new here and to all this I plan on not only learning but sharing what little I've learned. I want to be part of the bigger Voice Over community and get into the more exciting and lucrative aspects. Members like yourself are an inspiration and the levels you work at are what we want to attain for ourselves. I know it is for me.

Thanks again!

Hey Mutt,

I just joined but I'm all in.

I've been sitting on my hands for 15 years now and I'm now jumping into this with both feet and both eyes open. I cannot wait to get to the next morsel of knowledge, the next friend request, the next audition!

Keep the faith!

Bill Sleeper
You probably should post it in the demo critique group, you'll get more feedback!


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