As a newbie to this voiceover world I am really struggling with having the confidene to think that I am good enough to get work. Of course my family and friends all say "oh you sound GREAT", or "you're a NATURAL"....but no matter how much I practice reading script, or listen to my recordings I can never think it is good enough. I have made my first demo and I can't stand it, I keep wanting to re-record it. Anyway, just looking for some thoughts from others new to the craft.

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Rule # 1: Believe in yourself. Very much like the character of Stuart Smalley from SNL, as corny as it sounds. If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will (pause for deep thought). Once you can establish a foundation of belief, you will grow from there. Your talent will grow, but it needs a strong basis for growth, first and foremost. I'm not a casting director or even famous, but this much I know.

So to really answer your question this is what I do (a little too often but it's so fun): Go to a fast food drive thru. Become your favorite character. So from the second you drive in, to the second you leave the driveway, your voice, mannerisms, belief system, everything is the character. ORDER in character, thank them in character. Count you change out loud in character.
This is a really cool way to get more comfortable and build confidence.

Self confidence is a huge factor in anything you do. If you worry about how others judge you or what they'll think, or they won't give me the answer I think is right - then get to the point of excellence and people will make those comments, they'll mean them, and you'll believe them because it will be true.

Do you voice in the car? In the shower? Does it sound good there but not in public? Confidence my friend, confidence.

All that means is that you love what you do! When you love something, no matter what it is you always look at it that much closer and you want everything to be perfect. There is nothing wrong with that man. I can tell you that I have been doing commercials for almost 20 years now throughout my radio and VO career and Im still not happy with even my current demos.

You are constantly growing and becoming better day by day. I like to compare demo's to technology, like a new HD LCD TV or new computer. The second you buy it it becomes out dated. Do you get what Im saying? The second you render that file it becomes history. You are still in the present which means it won't get any better. But you will.

So keep making demo after demo. Keep scrutinizing yourself. Keep being a perfectionist. It's what seperates the greats in this business from the not so greats.

Channel you're nervous, anxious energy and push through it.

All the best!

I dont know if I ever had the jitters lol! I've been a natural born center of attention my whole life. Wether acting in plays, Playing in bands, MCing open mic nights at the comedy club or just being the clown at a party. I've always tried to interject myself into the situation. Not for my benefit but to entertain others...thats the crux after all isnt it? To entertain, educate or enlighten.

Bottom line is, as Barry said, believe in yourself first and foremost!



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