One thing that I know I need to work on is losing the "announcer". My coach is dedicated to beating the announcer out of me and bringing out the real person, which she assures me is there. :) 

How did you put the announcer out of his/her misery to really let your voice acting take off? I am reading books, practicing, and getting coaching. I'm on my way to DJ recovery but I gotta believe others have traveled this road before and could maybe share a tip or two.

Your $.02?

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Anthony. . . or is Tony OK? I did a lot of DJ work in the 70s and 80s in the metro Cleveland, Columbus and Washington DC markets. I'd been calling myself "recovering DJ" for a long time when I went to a seminar. Five minutes in I was told in no uncertain terms GET ANY REFERENCES TO RADIO OFF YOUR PUBLIC PROFILES. A lot of the people doing the hiring have Ted Baxter from the old Mary Tyler Moore as their image of an on-air personality. The other comment I'd like to impart is that until you are made aware of it, you absolutely will not hear the radio in your delivery. I am going through the process myself as we speak. Biggest tip, for a lack of a better word is conversational. I have worked with some decent people via source connect and the one thing I've heard more than once is "Make it sound like you're talking to one of your buddies".

I think it was Beau Weaver (another recovering DJ) who told the story of doing a session with a female director who told him after about three words, "You're one of those radio guys aren't you? I can smell 'em a mile away."

But wait, it gets weirder. You'll have people tell you "My client wants more of an announcer voice." (sigh) This will be the case when you do DR work (direct response) ala the late Billy Mays. There is still a market for the Ronnie Radio rip and read work. I think the real gift is figuring out when the session calls for it. The REAL talent is keeping it off the table unless it's asked for. Sorta like the incredible Hulk. Only turn green when it's called for.

My personal fortune cookie? Be flexible, handle rejection well and with grace and don't be afraid to take direction.

Best regards,
This is great stuff, John. Thanks for your reply. I immediately updated my profile to remove references to radio. :) coach is helping me lose the announcer, but I did a spot last week that called for over the top..."just shy of monster truck" is what the client asked for. LOL.


I'm surprised that there haven't been more comments on this topic.  I'm especially interested in whether most of the group would agree that all references to former employment as a radio on-air talent should be removed from profiles.



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