Hello All,
Here I am - Offering myself up to the world for any and all critique and criticism. I'm a big boy so please don't pull any punches.

Thanks in advance for the help and advise,


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I think the production on it is really good. I wanted to hear your voice do more. It kind of sounded the same through much of it. You tapered down in pitch a whole lot at the ends of your phrases and sentences which gives it a lack of conversational feel even in the pieces that are supposed to sound conversational.

You have an awesome voice and the production is there, just have to get the performance.
Thanks John, I agree with you on the fact that it did sound the same, guess when we are listening to our own voices we don't notice these things. Glad to hear the production sounded good, I think once the technical part is licked it is easier to perfect the performance.

Thanks again!



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