So I decided I needed an attention grabber type of demo reel! Previously, I had just taken individual works and showcased them, but this one is kind of a Mr. Toad's Wild Ride version of a demo reel! What do you think? Is it too much?




Mark Fulwider


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Hey Mark!

Hope you're doing well....everything's great on my end.
I gotta tell ya that there were parts of your demo that I loved and parts that turned me off. I can certainly see you as being a GREAT "guy next door" voice actor (among other things), but the demo doesn't showcase that. It's too long first of all, and too much is happening. I would stay away from mixing everything together and stick with a separate demo for commercials, one for characters, one for narration, etc.
You have an AWESOME voice, one that fits nicely with todays style of natural and calming (non announcer type). You would, in my humble opinion, do very well if you had a demo that was no longer than 60 seconds, used minimal production values, and highlighted that great smooth voice of yours!
I hope this helps and remember....its just MY opinion.


Thank you so much thoughtful and HONEST evaluation! Part of my problem is I love the production side of audio! I recorded orignal songs forf years just for the FUN of it! My wife has always told me what you just did and I have NOT listened ..obviously! Would you be so kind as to break down specifically which elements you felt sold my voice and which elements didn't. Again,thank you so much for your honest opinion...I needed it!


Mark Fulwider


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