Hello all,

Please critique my first time animation demo. I still have the opportunity to re-order, re-do, or add to the reel. I would really appreciate your feedback.



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Hey! Great demo. Excellent accents, good characters and a very broad range. Lots to be proud of.

The only jarring note was in the production - when the southern voice comes in, I think you need just a tad more space so the first part doesn't get lost. I'm a fan of fast cuts, but that one sorta happened too fast - just my opinion.

Good job!

Thanks for your feedback. It was very helpful!!
I loved this - especially "You know whaccha gonna get - I'm gonna tell ya whaccha gonna get!" :)
Absolutely Brilliant
Freakin' wonderful. I'd lose the Aussie bit. But it's wide and wonderful.
I was looking trough some Narration demos. I'm trying to find something to fill up the last few seconds of a demo I'm trying to complete. Took a break and listened to your Character demo... Great Stuff !! I really hope you're getting work. You deserve it.


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