Well, I have decided(after much research) to build my own booth. I have decided to go with a kind of "sandwich" design that I pretty much made up! I am building wall frames with 2" x 2" studs and 1/4" osb front and back then packing the entire sandwich cavitiy with rockwool insulation. The finished booth will be able to be dismantled and moved as the walls are bolted together. I have the basic structure built and am waiting on my $500 worth of auralex to treat the interior! Geez! That stuff is expensive...half the cost of the booth! It appears that when finished I will have under $1200 in the entire project. The finished booth will be 4' x 6' x 7'. If there is enough interest I will be glad to post more detailed info and pics. Just wanted to let you know that it can be done!

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A couple of photos to give you an idea of what I am doing....

cool thanks...been thinking the same.  in my head...lol.  Did you put in a ventilation system?  Looks good Mark, good job.  Oh yeah and thank's for the pics.

looks cool Mark. keep the pics coming.
ok here are some more pics....got my door on....exterior covered....finished it in the garage and then broke it down and reassembled it in the "voice over office/studio". Yes, it comes apart! It has five individual panels of the "sandwich" which are bolted together based on a design my wife came up with(she is VERY smart!) which was a lot more simple than what I had originally planned. The individual pieces are heavy, but can be managed by two grown men without too much difficulty and all pieces pass through a standard doorway. You will need sufficient room within the house somewhere to rotate the pieces though..mainly the 6'x 7' sections. I elected to NOT add a window as I felt that it would not be necessary for me and I thought I could build a tighter room without one! All questions and comments welcome....I'll add more pics when the foam arrives and I have it installed...A little reflective in that little room right now. :)

Ok it is finally done! Acoustic foam mounted and oh my goodness...what a difference having an iso booth makes! Auditioning my brains out now! Functional and stylish...even if I do say so myself! :-)
I want to "improve' my walk-in closet - as te one in my last house was perfect. This one is a bit higher - so echoey. Any tips?
Yeah! Buy A LOT clothes to hang in your closet! Great sound absorbers and probably cheaper than that ridiculously overpriced acoustic foam! :) Plus, you'll have lots of cool new stuff to wear! :)

Have a great day!

Mark Fulwider
Hey Mark,

Your booth looks great! Any chance I could get a copy of your build plans? If so, I would be much appreciative. You can email them to me at: Michael@MichaelBrianMontgomery.com

Thank you,
Hey Michael! Sorry so late in responding! Been very busy. I am afraid the "plans" are in my head mostly. If you read my original posts...they give a pretty good description of my "plan". I am kind of a hacker by nature so "plans" are not really my forte! :)
Boy Mark you're pretty handy. I didn't see a window, and did you ventilate it? Is it possible to unbolt it and move it if needed? Also could you send me a copy of the plans? voiceonecom@gmail.com



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