A plan or a dream without a deadline is only a dream. What are your goals for 2011? Make short term and long term goals for next year. Date the deadlines. One month, three months, six months etc. Be specific. Include your self promotion and networking ideas. Include your ideas for selling vo jobs on your own where you live. Include online job strategies. Include networking plans, print promotions, everything you plan to do to advance your business. YOUR BUSINESS IS YOU!!! Write your plans here and read others' plans. This will be good for us all.

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By January 2011 - move to California; sent VO CDs in Oct/Nov to have responses by Dec 2010. Dec 2010: VO CDs to 3 more states; join 1-2 online pay to play sites. Call/email more military facilities on doing military narration. Post card mailings - continue to do PostcardsNow.com and self-printed postcards - do this every 4-6 weeks.

By Spring 2011: medical naration demo to be completed; 6 new vo agents around the country.
Christine Padovan is a fab voice talent. See her post below. She's studied with me and wow. Terrific. Start your goals for 2011 everyone! Let's hear 'em!


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