Please speak "generically," i.e., say "my agent' or 'three publishers who use me' or 'one or two online sites.' Just explain how your jobs come to you mostly. How did you reach those job sources? By mailing a submission packet? By phoning them? Through a friend's connection? Mostly you try to meet authors and convince them to have you narrate their work? Also, explain (without naming names please) how you wanted an audio book narration job but it was not to be, you lost out why? What works and what doesn't work for you in getting audio book narration jobs? And what do you believe you need to work on as a narrator? What do you believe are your strong points as a narrator? Have you become good at recording and editing long form audio? Would you like to acquire this skill? If so, how do you plan to learn what you need to know in this area? Jump in...the discussion's fine! Let's hear all about your experiences, wishes, dreams in the field of audio book narration.

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I'm new to the Biz so I have been asking those I meet, either authors or publishers if they would like me to do a project.

I've had some success which I attribute mostly to the fact that it's a "Turn-key" job--they give me the manuscript...I give them the final product back. It makes their life easier. My fee is low as a newbie so that's enticing too.

I do have a question; Is there a rule of thumb used to estimate how long a finished audio book is going to be based upon the word count?

Sorry, but please ask me this question again. I don't understand...


In one case the Publisher contacted me directly. In another case I applied through a third party site for a share of profits and got the job.

Thanks for answering, Tobias. Do they call you Toby? Happy New Year and keep the comments coming.

All best

Bettye Zoller Seitz

I have been fortunate to be hired through VO friends who recommend me to their clients.  I have had some pretty lucky breaks!


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