ASK JOE: Week 2 posted: May 19, 2008

Joe McMillian:
Joe...How Do you get noticed?? I know you do a Super Job!!! BUT how
did you get "THE people" to Notice WHAT you could do???

Hi Joe...good golly, how many "Joes" do VOs? My buddy, George
DelHoyo answered this question once in a conversation we were having.
He said, "Fortunately, work begets work." So, it's one of those
Catch 22s. If you can first GET the work...then more work will come.

Unfortunately, you can't MAKE someone notice you. All you can do is
work your ass off and do as much work as you possibly can to grow
your career. Once you are "out there" people will start to notice
this "new voice" and your voice will get in their heads when they are
writing copy or conceiving an ad campaign.

So, Joe, do whatever you are doing to keep the gigs coming in. Work
as much as you can and when you're not working, start sending out
demos and notes and marketing that will bring in new business. At
some point, as you continue to submit to talent agents you will
notice that they start returning your calls and showing some interest
in representing you. It's a baby step type of progress, but it's
important to keep at it and NEVER give up.

Hope that helps.


Hey Joe. Referring to your suggestion to Troy regarding mixing
material on demos: What about placing all your demos on one disc,
i.e., Track 1, Commercials, Track 2, Trailers, etc., yes, no, maybe so?

Hi B.Z. Having all of your demos on one disc is great. Just don't
put a commercial on your promo track or a promo on your trailer
track. Sometimes you have to fight the urge to put a trailer on your
commercial demo because you just sound so darn GOOD on it. :-)
Don't do it, each individual demo, commercial...promo....radio
imaging...trailers should be purely what it is titled. With that
said, if you'd like to do a "Highlight Demo" which shows you doing a
cross section of EVERYTHING, that's fine. Just be sure to title it
as a Highlight Demo or something similar.

The reason for all of this is. A commercial producer does not want
to sit through a demo with you saying "Non Stop Music...Rock 92" when
he's looking for a commercial voice. And someone looking for a TV
promo voice doesn't want to hear you hocking Shampoo


George "Apollo" Fetherbay:
Is there an (Industry Standard) audio chain with the Big Boys like
yourself. I notice that you and Don and others use the U-87 Mic and
Avalon preamp/processors. What Mic and Chain would you suggest to us
who want to be best equiped. If you want to share your chain and
knob settings that would be great too.

Hi George...

It's not as important to use the equipment that "others" are using as
it is to use the equipment that sounds best for your voice. I go
between a U-87 and a Sennheiser 416. I always use my Avalon M-5
Microphone pre-amp. This was the result of trying several different
pre-amps teamed up with my microphones. Don's microphone is made by

As for Don, me, George DelHoyo and many others, we have nothing at
all on our audio chain. It's all pure. Microphone to pre-amp to
Zephyr. I do put in a Urei LA-4 compressor on my mic when I'm doing
imaging for Radio Stations to give that pump. Most post production
mixers (those who work at the networks) prefer the voice to be
uncolored going into their system. After they have it in their box,
then they can eq and compress afterwards. It's much easier for them
to have the voice track completely flat first, so that they can start
from scratch, so to speak. Not every voice over talent does this
because it's difficult to "hear" yourself completely flat in your
headphones. It's a rude awakening to hear what you "really" sound
like. But it's best for the end product.

So, I don't have any knob settings for you since there are no knobs
between me and the network. :-) I do an 8 to 1 compression for my
radio stuff on the Urei.


Mark Atherlay:
I'm a Connecticut native who grew up listening to
WPOP-AM. I still even have their multi-colored vinyl album called
"Hear Here" with all the great artists of the day AND it includes
WPOP jingles! A great blast from the past!

You're gonna have to post a couple of those jingles, Mark. I'll be
looking for 'em. :-)

That's it for this week.

Talk to you ladies and gentlemen of the microphones soon.

Seacrest out.

>>>>Thanks again, Cip.
--Rick Party

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