The very title of this post sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen but I see so many impersonations, maybe it is not a big deal. I perform Mickey Mouse on my Demo (only impression) without saying who it is. I was asked to do a recording for a corporate presentation letting them know their CEO is taking them to DisneyWorld. Should I be concerned or just avoid saying Mickey Mouse?
Thanks for any information.

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Hi John. Since you are doing the impersonation for a corporate presentation, and not for broadcast, I wouldn't lose sleep over this. Yes, technically you are infringing the copyright and trademark, but I don't see Disney taking any action over a corporate presentation. On your demo, however, if it is being distributed around, if someone from Disney hears it, they may take issue with it. Again, I wouldn't lose sleep over it.

Thank you very much Robert. I made sure, on the demo, not to say the name - What Mickey Mouse? I can only hope Disney hears it and I will remove it after they call me - LOL
Thank you for your input. I truly appreciate it.
My brother told me they are still looking for a replacement for Mickey! You should check it out, John!


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