By the end of most days, I find my voice is thinner and does not have the range it did earlier in the day. On days where I do a lot of voice work I can understand this. But on some days when I haven't been particularly busy with voice stuff - it still goes into this thinner mode late in the day. I keep my neck warm and am not overweight. Is this just an age related thing?

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Hey Larry,

I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV. Here's what works for me:
- I warm up every day. Simple **gentle** musical warm-ups to start my day helps my range to stay consistent longer. Start middle of range and work lower and higher than your comfortable range helps me a lot.
- Avoid artificial testosterone. Spending too much time in an artificially low (or high) range wears me out. Probably you too.
- Be sure to stay hydrated. It'll help your mucus to stay thinner and you won't have to clear your throat as much as hard.
- Rest your voice. Remember 6 days + 1 of rest. Even God rested. And your voice is a muscle. If you're tired you need to rest.
-Consider voice lessons or working with a speech therapist. They may be able to pinpoint habits or misuses of your voice that may have developed.

Let us know how things go.



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