I've heard of all kinds of home remedies to get rid of hoarseness before taping. I'm interested in what everyone does. I've heard "a piece of chicken and a diet coke clears my hoarseness every time". What do you do?

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Hey Dean. I love the idea. It's also true that locally produced honey can help with allergies. Sadly, the locally produced stuff is a bit more pricey, but as the bees carry pollen, the honey they produce can help modulate the immune system and help with allergies! Anyone else tried this?
Yes. When I feel like my voice is not in prime condition, I boil water, add much honey, a bit of aniseed and some crushed ginger. I pour this into a regular empty bottle which means it's lukewarm or warm by the time I get to the studio and I can take frequent sips. I also alternate with regular water. When in dire straits, a constant severe diet of hot water and honey plus ginger has yet to fail me! Feels like the ginger really warms things up.
When I have a sore throat I do the same but also gargle with salt and water. I have even tried water with some cayenne pepper which I read about. Added some circulation to the throat but not quite sure if this is good or bad. Anyone?
Hey Kim,
Ginger is definitely known to soothe irritation and the honey has immune stimulating propertities (particularly if it's produced locally) and also soothes. Cayenne can act like an anesthetic and make a sore throat feel better too. Thanks for sharing your information!!!!


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