I'm currently suffering from a chest cold-- most probably bronchitis at this point. It seems as though my vocal chords or throat are just covered in mucus, so much so that I keep waking up in the middle of the night kind of gagging or choking on it. Also, my voice sounds hoarse.

So..... I've been taking Mucinex DM and drinking warm liquids (soup broth, tea, etc.) Have I been doing the right thing? What else can I do to alleviate these symptoms and get my voice back. Although I am enjoying the sexy Brenda Vaccaro/Demi Moore/Kathleen Turner thing.

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So, if you book some work as a Kathleen Turner stand in, we'll have a new bridge to cross, but we'll stick with healing for now.
Steaming and using a humidifier would be a great addition to what you're already doing. Mucinex is good to break up the mucus, but steaming can boost the benefit. As long as you're not coughing up green, yellow, or brown stuff, you probably don't need antibiotics, but if you have any fever or coughing that hurts or if you do have green and yellow stuff, you might need to see someone to get a short course of antibiotics.

I'd also recommend gargling with salt water (1-2 teaspoons of salt in 1 cup of water) before you go to bed to help rinse out the thick mucus, then sleep with a humidifier beside the bed (just be sure to keep in clean so that is doesn't get all moldy and make allergies bad).

I hope that helps.


Thank you so much for your response. I've often wondered what to do to get well or ease symptoms when I come down with this type of a cold (or whatever you call it).

I will definately be using your suggestions and you can bet I'll be keeping that humidifier clean. I'm also asthmatic and mold is one of my triggers.

You have been a tremendous help! Thank you for kindly donating your time and expertise to this site.

Much obliged,
Anytime. I'm allergic to grass, oak trees, elm trees, ragweed, and mold so long before I studied the topics, I knew what it felt like to hate my sinuses.
Hello there! Just found this forum...thank goodness! I too am allergic to everything, including my cats. Seems very severe this summer and I just don't know what to do at this point to clear my congestion...it lasts almost all day! I have a neti pot and was using it regularly, but now, the water simply won't go through one side (or the other, depending on the day). What remedies can you suggest that I could try daily (so not drugs, obviously - although I do take cetirizine daily)? I'm all ears....thanks!


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