First let me tell you that I am offering this advice to allow more people to do auditions and even final quality voice work, without needing to record in a sound proofed booth or the closet. The reason you find yourself having to go to all the expense and trouble to put your mic in a special enclosed area, or even buy special contraptions to set your mic inside of like a foam triangle is because you bought a LARGE DIAPHRAGM mic. That is really not necessary and is the start of your having to go to a lot of extra time, trouble and later problems. You can get away with a cheaper mic like the Shure SM58 without having to invest in a preamp or iso-booth. Or better yet, I advise considering the Sennheiser MD 421 Mk II mic which retails new for $379. If you can get one used on EBay for less than $300, do it! You can pick up the Shure SM 58 for $99 new or cheaper used on EBay.
Both mics can be hand-held and you can work it so you don't need a pop filter, NO BOOM, NO MIC STAND, NO MUSIC STAND---as you can record reading the scripts off your computer screen as the mics won't pick up your room tone, your computer noise or even traffic noise outside within reason.
This Shure is a cheap way to go and will do a decent job.
The Sennheiser has a 5 position bass roll-off switch which can help you avoid the proximity effect, I.E. the bassy sound you get as you get close to the mic.
Many many Hollywood studios use the Sennheiser Shotgun mic to record games and more. the MK 416 retails for $2,040 but you can buy them at Sweetwater for about $1,200. Yet I spoke with Sennheiser directly and with their newer technology they advised the MD 421 Mark 2 for home use. I don't like putting this mic on a boom because the mic stand adapter clip positions the mic too horizontally straight at your mouth. You can hold it sort of like a reporter but off to the side and talk over it as it points to your opposite ear from whatever hand you're holding it in.
Because this mic is normally used to mic drums and musical instruments, it is used to receiving a loud signal so you need a preamp to boost your signal before going into your sound card's line input. Don't use the mic input. I use the Mackie VLZ 1202 PRO which again can be bought cheaply as "used" on EBAY. Then, if you have a PC, get a copy of SoundForge (old versions are great if you have a friend with it) It has everything you need without having to use a Multi track system like Audacity or ProTools. You can even cut and paste tracks together as though you are multitracking.
ONE WORD OF CAUTION. If you search for the MD 421 Mark Two on EBay, just enter "Sennheiser MD 421" in the search box. Many people list the Mark Two as different things from the number 2 to the roman numeral II.
BE VERY CAREFUL AND MAKE SURE THE MIC IS ENTIRELY BLACK. The old MD 421 has a silver back end where the mic cable plugs in and this mic is not as good as the Mark 2. If I were to settle for the old model I wouldn't pay more than $200 max for it. Still it would be better than a large diaphragm mic and save you from having to record in a closet or booth.
Problem when you are in the booth or closet is that you can't easily monitor your recording levels. In games your levels will peak and distort easily when you do pains, attacks, deaths etc.
I hope this is enough for now.
Feel free to ask me anything else. I also have Stevie Nick's "vocal mic" which is the $895 Sennheiser MD 441 and this MD 421 MK II is A LOT BETTER! PROVES that as time goes by, technology advances and prices go down if you're lucky.
Remember how much a computer flat screen monitor used to cost? Look at how cheap they are now!
Happy successes to everyone!

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Mark I saw you're using a phantom powered mic with a rise in the  midrange built in.  Could work great and it also has a roll off switch to eliminate proximity bassiness.  Since it's a stage mic like the Shure SM 58, you could be easily avoiding problems incurred by all those "pros" using large diaphragm mics.  Just have to send me something to see what it sounds like.


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