For all you who are set up with a mic that doesn't require sticking your head in the sand or should I say locking yourself in a closet.....or at least if you have a way to start a session and utilize Skype and set the Audio under Options to utilize your recording mic, you can be directed and heard well for sessions anywhere in the world.  Granted, Skype can have glitches, but over all it's a fine way to conference people and make this world a smaller place with more jobs as the result.

Also you can send files through Skype or yousendit but to send larger files, you have to pay for yousend it. They have a sale going on that ends today, but you don't have to go for broke:

Getting an FTP client is easy enough. There is Filezilla and Coreftp and these are also ways to upload files too big to email.  Your client has to tell you ftp name, user name and password.

I wanted to put this out there because I've recently had a handful of actors who either thought Skype wouldn't work like it does or didn't know how to set it up.

It's very simple, free and lets you talk to anyone else with Skype free. Or you can pay a minimal fee to call landlines.

Get connected people!  Make it easy for someone to direct you with something besides a speaker phone and few people want to fork out the money for Source Connect or ISDN.

Hope that helps and happy February!

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Done! We pay the small Skype fee so we can use it as a telephone and have the bottom tier You Send it Account, will upgrade when needed.  Both are great tools.  We also have Magic Jack for making long distance calls too.  Its $20 a year for anywhere US. and Canada.

Good job Alexis.  Make sure you have an FTP that works and it sounds like you're all set!  Yay!


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