I don't have a desire to be a voice (character) in a game, although it is not out of the realm of possibilities. I specialize in more of the promotional movie trailer reads. I have noticed that more games are advertised in the 'dramatic trailer read'. My question is...Are the same people who are casting for the "in game" characters the same people who cast the advertising/promotional voice talent?

--Jay Sawyer

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Hi Jay,
that question is hard to answer but I'd imagine the best guess is no...most of the time marketing decides on ad voices and the developers decide on in-game voices. The funny part is that marketing also messes things up by insisting that celebrities get parts in games which gamers don't give a rat's ass about. This marquis value is supposed to give the game more press and game magazine editors hate interviewing celebs because, in their own words, "the celebs aren't really gamers and the only reason they did the job in the first place is because their kid thought it'd be cool."
Hope that sheds some light on the matter.
I appreciate your question.
If a game is advertised through an ad agency, they may hire out someone on their own. HOWEVER many games feature voices from within the game when it comes to an ad or trailer so that's not so black and white.
The majority of games can't afford TV or radio ads, so they usually post trailers on game websites or their homepage. This is something I have cast or been privy to when casting the whole game, but there is no rule of thumb when it comes to who does the casting. Often it's who you know or who has a connection with whom.
Hope that helps even though I don't think it's the answer you wanted to hear.

This is more encouraging that your previous reply. No matter who casts for the advertising voice (with trailer read) at least i now have two or more avenue's to pursue! Thanks again fr your input and kind words, and if you ever need to cast that "trailer read", keep me in mind!

Please don't think I'm trying to sell you anything, but I guarantee I could coach you into many different voices you didn't even know you had. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and let me know if you're interested. A deep voice is a great start and widely needed in games, but you must ACT and put action int he voice not announce. Enough said. Be well and I hope we can chat soon

I'd be interested in exploring the game world, I'm new to this and trying to find my voice venu, I have the deep voice, and would be interested in seeing if the game quality could be coached out.

Wanted to follow up with you to see how things are coming. Best thing to do is either stick with your comfort zone or find someone (like me) who can easily get you to stretch your pipes and teach you applicable and INSTANT voice acting techniques and how to make your instrument into more of an orchestra to choose from. I don't make a living teaching, but I am one of the most well-respected actors and have blown people away with what they can learn in the first 5 minutes.
Have a wonderful summer and try making faces in the mirror and talking through those grimaces or goofy or distorted faces. You'd be surprised how that alone can give you different sounds.
Hi Lani,

Thanks for checking on me. I have never really pursued voice acting for games, but I do have skills as far as reading movie trailer copy. I was hoping that would translate into me voicing game trailers and their broadcast commercials.

I am doing fine, thank you for asking. I believe you and I are also connected on or FaceBook? Either way, feel free to contact me directly through this e mail address...

And yes, I am very aware of your AWESOME work!



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