Hey Lani, thanks for the help offer.


From your experience as a casting director, can you tell me how best to put together a short demo for game / cartoon character work? Voiceovers, fine, can do. But I agree with you, voice *acting* is different.

As an aside, I jumped through hoops for an audiobook, & really had to adjust my style in a way I never have before.


What material would you suggest using/including for the game demo. What tips would you suggest?

& once I've done it, *whose* attention should I seek?


Cheers Lani!

Best from 'sunny' London.



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These are topics I cover in coaching but would be happy to share some gratis for you. I prefer to know or talk to you to coach you through or put you through a few paces to tell you what I would suggest for you particularly.

Remember demos can limit you rather than expose everything you might be able to do and producers are not visionary so if they want a Sarah Palin sound alike (they should be disposed of first) but if you don't have it on your demo they will continue looking through demos until they find one.  Please don't put Palin on your demo.  (Shudder)

For games you need a lot of action in your words.  For women, the tough soldier, the straight Brit with no regional accent, perhaps being Laura Croft or a newscaster, Russian, generic Asian, tough bosses if you can...if not, I'll teach you.

Teenage boys..things which men can't do.  And always keep snippets short.  Contact me directly if you'd like more.  Best to you!

Wow. Cheers Lani, that's something to go on.

I'd love an opportunity to talk further with you though. Can I Skype you at a given time?

I can do the tough soldier & newscaster - & no fear, no Sarah Palin coming out of my mouth!

..& as for teenage boys...? Blimey, never even thought of that - how do you be a teenage boy?!

Games and cartoons might be best separated.  So many game companies take themselves so seriously they try to say they don't want things cartoony.   I suggest perhaps you contact me directly   lani@audiogodz.com

But for now, it's advisable to put voices that are in demand for games and for women it's tough since most game devs don't give us great roles, and often they're happy getting the 900 sex operator voice even for a science officer.

Sir, yes Sir!  Soldier dyke-y commando voices, creature jibberish or Orcs, sure you can throw a computer voice but they're a dime a dozen, mean villains but no wicked witches, dialects would be BBC Brit, Russian, generic Asian, if you can sound Black or Hispanic, etc.  Not much call for NY, Fargo, deep south or cockney.

Again contact me if you like.  As far as who to get the demos to?   Good luck. It's a tight circle for animation and nowadays most of what we see is Japanese Anime or other gunk that needs looping since many of the US animation houses lost funding because of the "pull back"  "give me more real" boring attitude gleaned from too many reality shows.



First of all don't send out demos willy nilly.  Demos don't tell me how directable or versatile you really can be nor how creative  you can be when faced with choices.    Feel free to email me directly. lani@audiogodz.com

I did a nice long reply which would not post so sorry for this brief one.

in general...game voices for chicks need to be tough soldiers, dominatrix creatures, sometimes sexy sometimes cute but more often tough fighters, gang bang black or Hispanic, Lord of the Rings types, and dialects in order of use would be US, UK, Russian, generic Asian, then your gang bang stuff and soldier dykey delivery.

Let's chat sometime or email me ok?

I've tried replying twice now and it doesn't seem to take my responses.  email me directly   lani@audiogodz.com


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