Where did you get your start?

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Roger That Bob!!! Support from family and friends really helps when your business is mostly about what feels like rejection. Be strong last long. :-)

For me it all started as a recording artist in the record industry. Had a hit record with my brother, toured for a couple years made a whole bunch of cash (25 to 30k a night doing shows)as an irresponsible kid and BAM!!!! Nothing to show for it. Unfortunately we had no one looking out for us and were to immature to handle large sums of money. Like most who have been in the recording business we have a story, but no need to get in to that. For ME, the real story started when I met my wife. She met me as kind of a HAS BEEN. She was a hard working self made woman and I was just getting ready to start working on a new album making NO CASH. Well we started to get serious and after about 6 months or so of us living together, her going to work everyday and me just producing and writing STILL MAKING NO MONEY. We went on vacation, of course she paid and while we were away she told me that she had to talk to me. I'm wondering of course what we have to talk about and then POW!!!!! She hits me with it....She loves me BUT she can no longer live like this, me making no money and her working so hard everyday. This hit me really hard. I thought, what was I going to do? I love her, but I can't go work for $5 an hr after making SOOOO MUCH MONEY. Long story short, when we got back I went and got a job at a shoe store doing stock. This was the hardest thing I ever had to do, swallow my pride, kinda give up what I thought would be my life and go do the 40-50hr a week thing. I worked my way up the ladder going from stock boy to assistant manager to manager and slowly but surely music was slipping away from me. In the process though I was growing, maturing and becoming a responsible person. Of course in the meantime we had gotten married,had our 1st son and built our 1st home. As time went on I knew I was not meant to do what I was doing. Circumstances had presented themselves and now was the time to make the break. I went to work at Sam Ash trying to get back into my world a little, now I was smarter had a plan(kinda) and needed to try. So off I went. Here I taught myself ProTools and studio stuff etc...More importantly I started to establish relationships with clients, one of which worked for an AD Agency. So one day I asked him why he never offered me a job and his reply was I didn't know you were looking? I said...I'M LOOKING!!! He says, why don't you come by the office next week and we can talk, I say cool. The next week I go to this office (no experience in this particular business, I just know music and the tools really) and have a meeting with the owner of the company. After talking for a little while they give me a piece of paper that says WHO: the clients name,WHAT: the event name, WHEN: dates of event AND WHERE:the locator? They say they are going to Italy and will be back in 3 weeks so get it back to them then and I leave. As I am getting into my car I am thinking? in the real world I would not have 3 weeks to do this, so I went home wrote,produced and voiced this commercial and emailed it to them within a couple hours. Hired the next day. For me THIS is where it all started. This was 10 years ago and my PRODUCING of commercials led to my VOICING of commercials. Of course there are more details but this is the general gist of my story.

My start is mostly happening now.  I discovered 8 years or so ago that this was what I wanted to do, but I thought I had the wrong voice type for my goals.  I then discovered people like Ogata Megumi and Romi Park and realized I should pursue it regardless.  The second wave of puberty and adolescence changed my voice anyway.  I went to school for Japanese, as voicing in Japanese is the end dream.  Having graduated, I have booked precisely one corporate presentation, but I'm proud of it and continuing to run towards my aspirations.

Thank you for sharing Bethany. Nice to meet you :-)

Small radio station in Louisiana in 1968.  Can't believe there's not any other radio guys chiming in.  I've been to interesting places, Redwoods of northern California, Guam, Texas, Hawaii...so far haven't been able to give up my day job, still radio, but I pull in a few extra bucks with clients I've developed over the years.  It's fun when the works coming in, still developing and hoping a couple of years can pull the plug on radio and do 'er full time.  If I had a regret anything at my age now,  it's maybe having chased the dream to interesting places over a large market.  You get to a certain age and even if your good, doors don't seem to readily open.  One keeps plugging along though...all is good as long and your cruisin' on the top side of dirt.


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