This just asks the question: Do you talk a lot about doing voice over and do nothing to pursue it or Do you go get it no matter what it takes being resourceful not waiting for someone to do it for you? Be honest it can only HELP!

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Im going to just put it out there...Im a Talker but I want to be a Doer extremely bad.  I've used a bunch of excuses from my 9-5 job to my new baby girl, home remodel and etc.. My VO carrer is slow growing... I mean SLOWLY growing. I think my problem is that I have no good plan.  Im just waiting and this is not good for anyone.  Any advice?  Please be candid.  I need a good kick in the butt.    

Well Jason I can only tell you what I did and for me it worked.( Please note that this is a brief explanation ) I started off making sure I was ready, meaning I got myself to the point where I was pretty good at interp'ing copy and understanding what was being asked for when it came to specs, you dont want to do a good demo that took time making you sound good then not be able to perform live. Once you got that part down make sure you have the gear to be able to record and edit good quality audio, without this you are kinda dead in the water these days. Next assuming you got all that down get a strong demo put together focusing on what you are BEST at. Now you may be ready to start the DOER part. Start with local ad agencies/talent agencies,Internet based companies that provide voice over services to clients etc...Get that demo out there aggressively. You only know if you try and be persistent, just remember be critical of your demo match it up to the caliber of roster you are trying to get on and see if you really have it yet? Hope this helps at all Jason.

Roger, Thanks for the information.

Is it possible to be a bit of both?  I admit, I do my fair share of talking and, given the not so much to show for it, am probably a fair percentage of talker.  However, I don't ever sit back on my laurels, waiting for my agent to hand me something.  I am always pursuing multiple avenues, checking up on various sites, and networking furiously.  Perhaps I am a new breed, the unfortunate kind that does plenty of doing, but has the results of one who merely does the talking.

You Bethany are a Doer doing all she can. Keep up the hard work. :-)

Not really sure what I am. I've done all of the prep work you spoke of in your reply to Jason! I've done my due diligence as far as getting myself and my demo into the hands and ears of the right people. However, things still seem to be moving slowly for me. I don't think I'm a talker. I'm not really one to talk about what I haven't done. More of a "do what ever it takes to get it done" kinda guy!


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