Well, the new world is now out with the release of Cataclysm, and so most of the major changes that would effect what we would be doing here can be seen. I am sure that everyone is going to be exploring new content, trying out the new races, and seeing what loot can be had, but as you are going through the game, start thinking about what you hear, and what needs improvements, what needs be redone, and where things can be added to in order to make the content more immersive.

With that being said, I have broken down the project into smaller sections, so that way we can try to develop things a little at a time, and make "add-on packs" for each area. As the towns are usually the places that see the most traffic but the fewest overall changes for the majority of the characters, I think it would be a good idea to get our feet wet with those, then expand out from there.

The first city that I would like to work on is Ironforge. I have been working on a list of ALL the NPCs that are wandering the city, unfortunately it still is a big project so it is taking time. Here is an example of what I am doing, if anyone would like to help with this, I can certainly use it.

Ironforge Guard (Dwarf, Male) (22.1, 79.5) Entrance, Right side:

Ironforge Guard (Dwarf, Male) (20.6, 76.9) Entrance, Left side:

Ironforge Guard (Dwarf, Male) (22.7, 77.2) Entrance, Statue:

Ironforge Guard (Dwarf, Male) (22.2, 76.4) Entrance, Statue:

Commander Cragfist (Dwarf, Male)(22.3, 76.9) Entrance, Statue:

League of Arathor Emissary (Human, Male)(17.1, 65.8)

League of Arathor Emissary (Human, Male)(17.5, 66..0)

Ironforge Guard (Dwarf, Male) (20.6, 76.9 to 23.0, 63.1) Entrance, Left side:

Ironforge Guard (Dwarf, Male) (21.7, 61.4)

Barim Jurgenstaad (Dwarf, Male)(19.3, 56.1)

Larkin Thunderbrew (Dwarf, Male)(19.1, 53.3)

John Turner (Human, Male)(Wandering)

Artilleryman Sheldonore (Dwarf, Male)(19.6, 52.4)

Brew Vendor (Goblin, Female)(18.8, 52.3)

Gwenna Firebrew (Dwarf, Female)(18.7, 51.7)

Inkeeper Firebrew (Dwarf, Male)(18.1, 51.5)

Pella Brassbrush (Goblin, Female)(26.0, 49.4)

Bingus (Gnome, Male)(22.8, 16.0)

Harick Boulderdrum(Dwarf, Male)(23.0, 15.9)

Ginny Longberry (Gnome, Female)(31.3, 27.7)

Ironforge Guard (Dwarf, Male) (27.3, 13.0) Mystic Ward Entrance

Ironforge Guard (Dwarf, Male) (28.3, 11.8) Mystic Ward Entrance

Now I want to point out a couple of things here as this is going to effect how this project goes together. If you notice, just as in all the cities, there are wanderers, and I have a couple of the wandering guards listed. I would like the NPCs that wander to say things based upon where they are, just like the stationary NPCs. Guards at the Ironforge entrance giving welcoming people to the city, Innkeepers who offer you food and drink. Maybe the artilleryman who talks way too loud because he cant hear anymore.

Now to get things moving, I have put together a guild on the Silverhand server called Voices of the Alliance. My main is Rhagnaurauk, and alt is Talisson. I know that everyone is going to have their own servers that they play on, and I don't want to take away from what you currently have going, but as this progresses, I would like this to not only be a discussion on the groups here, but be able to have groups of people that are working on a project together to be able to go to the area they are working on and "get the feel" of who, what, and importantly, how something is said. I will be designing a guild web site as this takes off so we can use the forums there for planning, and a polling system so we can discuss and then vote on things that we are going to be saying in game. I want this to be a cooperative effort, so even though I am trying to put everything together, this needs more than just me telling my ideas, it needs all of us.

If you wish to help with the Ironforge project, the first step is collecting the NPCs, where they are (where they roam if needed) and any important information about them. As you can see in my short list, for those that have a unique name, I have linked them to wowwiki so there is as much information as possible about them. Once we have the list done, then it will be time to start discussing the voices of Ironforge! Please email any of the character information in the format that I have listed above, and I will create a spreadsheet to post.

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