To start with, I think we are going to need to narrow down generally what people are going to need to sound like for each race, then apply the geography and other factors as we narrow things down to the specific character or group of characters. Now keep in mind, this is an open discussion, My opinion of what a race should sound like is just that, an opinion, feel free to express yours, you may have a better idea than I do.


Humans: Humans are the shortest lived race in the game and therefore the most versatile vocally speaking as they tend to develop their own quirks depending on region and who they live around. While they will not always pick up the accent of the other races, humans in general tend to pick up (and distort) each others accents, thus giving us the widest variety of accents to work with. As humans are going to be very much environmental and regional, I suggest we table them until we narrow it down to particular geographical areas in the game.

Dwarves: Being a race of miners has developed a very gruff language structure. Most assume a Scottish style accent when thinking of a dwarf, and although not a bad idea, because of the variety of dwarves in the game, I dont think it should be the only idea. the environmental factors for dwarves are going to be the constant rock dust, hard exertion of mining or other feats of strength, and being a long lived and hearty race with a quick and surly temper.

Gnomes Although gnomes do live underground, even in their own city of Gnomergon, they were not the ones that did the digging by hand, and therefore do not have a dusty feel to their voice. As a race they are known for being overly curious, usually to a fault. Highly intelligent, inventive and energetic has led to their voices usually sounding like they just pounded Red Bulls and helium. Although the excitement has usually been captured in the voice, I feel that there needs to be a bit more passion for the engineering that shows through, somehow. Perhaps a bit nasally.

Night Elves: Elves in general are a much longer lived race than any of the others in game. Night elves in particular are a very spiritual race, and as they are long lived, usually very wise. In game their speech patterns have been characterized as slow, almost the point of sounding stoned on something. I think it might be time for a change in the way that they sound. Perhaps if we can find a balance between the wiseness of the American Indian and the accent of something slightly italian? Post if you have different and/or better ideas.

Draenei: These are a unique race, once a proud people, now having to be humbled from fleeing the outlands, their voices tend to sound a bit over the top. They are firm believers in the Holy Light, and as they tend to see the world in black and white and take a very "Paladin"-like approach to things, most Draenei aare charactarized as being part of the Dudley Do-right club. Personally, I think a major revamping of the voice needs to happen for them. I think if a russian accent was applied, it would be more fitting. the Russians always having been a proud people, trying to make it through harsh times and harsh climes, they still reflect strength and confidence in their voice.

Well, that should get us started, I will start a post about the Horde shortly.

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The Horde

Blood Elves -The information on the Blood Elves is very general but gives a decent time line to show how their accents may have developed. Originally High Elves, the Scourge took from them the one thing that essentially made them a peaceful people; their mystical Sunwell. High Elves have been highly educated as a people, and, as a people have become angry and hateful. Their current plight though has only affected them for a few years, and as they are a long lived race, personally I think that it would have not affected their accent, only the way in which they say anything, as if it were venomous, hating what is happened to them and willing to do anything to get it back. I think perhaps either an Italian or a Greek accent (perhaps a mixture of both?) would suit them, as they are both beautiful languages, but can be used to speak poetry as easily as it can anger and spite.

Orcs -Orcs have two separate main groups, those of Azeroth from the original game and Warcraft 3, and those from Draenor who were at one point slaves to the demons. Originally the Orcs were a shamanistic and spiritual race, though highly and violently territorial. My opinion of them is that they are a great deal like Klingons from Star Trek. As slaves they were trained to be warlike and learned to conquer, first for their masters, then for themselves. I think that their accent needs to reflect both the their need for war and honor, and their original spiritual background. Those that are familiar with the Klingon language, or at least the accent that they have been given, I think it would be fitting. If you are unfamiliar with the Klingons, some of the best examples are in Star Trek: The Next Generation, although I personally do not think that Worf was a good example of a Klingon accent.

Tauren- What can be said about them... They are cows. Or at least they were. Again, a Shamanistic culture, they are very much at one with nature and do their best to remain at one with the world around them. I think what might work for them is if they sounded like the Navaho Indians, but slower and as if they were chewing cud.

Trolls -Trolls were originally island dwellers in the island jungles of the South Seas. They are especially vicious and cruel, reveling in the blood and barbarous deeds. Currently they sound like they are Jamaican, which has really made them an oxymoron to their history. As they have tusks that will affect their speech patterns and make them sound as if they talk with a mouthful of marbles. There is one of two accents that I think would fit them better, either Cajun, which already includes the rolling of your tongue for the marble effect, or if we can find those that are familiar with it, perhaps a Mayan accent, with more of a gutteral sound.

Undead - Although the undead are a playable race, they really are sentient zombies, comprised of whatever they were before they died. In this case I think what they are is going to contribute to how they speak. Undead creatures are magical, and so the regular things that make a standard body work aren't there, and that includes the standard lubrication to make vocal cords work. I am not quite sure how they should sound, except raspy, dusty, as if they just ate a bag of dirt.

Please, keep in mind that these are just all my ideas, and I welcome yours. I want this to be a cooperative effort. I know that there are those that are just interested in doing thee recording, and that is fine, we will get to that point and will need to have a lot of different voices for that. In the meantime, please keep in mind that this is going to be a major revamp, and is supposed to be comprehensive to the game, not just redoing what they have already done, but creating a full replacement to have the voices match the characters, races, and their histories.
Opinions, comments, suggestions all gladly welcome!


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