anyone know who this is?? To me this is the PERFECT narration style/tone...etc.

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It sounds like John Lithgow to me... He was on the TV series Third Rock From the Sun.

I think you might be right....I didn't get that at all, the first it seems!!!
Definately John Lithgow.....the two guys in the Messerschmidt bubble car were Tom and Ray Magliozzi "Click and Clack" the Tappet Brothers from the Public Radio show Car Talk. (Proudced by the production company and law firm known as "Dewey, Cheatem' and Howe")
It is without a doubt, John Lithgow. He has a very distinctive speech pattern and inflection usage. Whenever I hear a voice I look at it from a impersonator's point of view. : )

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Jim Lueck
Celebrity Voice Impressionist


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