When a client requests a "British Accent" (with no geographic cues in the breakdown), which dialect gives an actor the best opportunity to book?

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If you can get that one right it'll be worth trying to guess the lottery numbers as you may be on a roll.  On a more practical note the accent you require is HB (Hollywood British) which in the UK would make most people give you a puzzled look yet in LA or New York is highly likely to get you the gig. As a male, listen to David Cameron, there will be lots of material on the web, he'll be a great root sound for you to follow. For female VOs listen to Fiona Bruce.

Thanks for the tip.


I was just curious if there was ever a marketing study done, to determine which "British Accent" was heard more in acting work, in general, especially voiceover. If I'm going to focus on adding to my skill set, I'd like for it to be something that I will likely put to use.


I guess it gets muddied, sometimes, especially when celebrities like Patrick Stewart enter the realm...did they hire him for his dialect...or because...HE'S PATRICK-FREAKING-STEWART?  Same goes for Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dame Judi Dench.


Great.  Now I just named three individuals with disparate dialects...but I would think the non-celebrity voice actor would have to be careful with which dialect he selects.  I'll look into the "Hollywood" British, but would also like to focus on at least one region for authenticity.  Any suggestions?


Of course, unless the breakdown is targeted for a specific region, the client may not think he cares which British Accent he wants...but invariably, which dialect tends to "get the nod" for those seeking the "Oh, any British Dialect will do" ?


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