What is your primary focus, goal, objective as a voiceover talent in 2009? Why? How do you plan to accomplish this? I suggest inventing a 5-step plan to implement in the next six months. Think about it and share with all of us.
Bettye Zoller

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Auditions are "apples and oranges." What you are doing, when you do NOT get a job from auditioning, is using your best guess as to what a client is looking for and you didn't do what the client needed. That is all that has happened. It does not mean you are not talented or capable or good. It simply means you were not RIGHT for that voice job. Just as with doing job interviews with companies, someone is chosen and all others are rejected. Keep auditioning. This is a NUMBERS GAME.
This thread is generating much good information. It's inspiring me as a teacher and writer to address some of your concerns in an article which I promise to write very soon, possibly next week while all is fresh in my mind. Thank you for your entries here and hey everybody...with more than one hundred members in this group now, let's hear from more of you. Give us your input here. I see some misconceptions about getting agents to sign you. I see misconceptions about marketing, at least at first, when a talent's not even signed to one agent yet...and I see things in my own students and recording studio clients that must be addressed. Thanks for spurring my thoughts here. Watch for my article which I will put here as soon as it's written.
UNFORTUNATELY, winning or not winning an audition means NOTHING. It's apples and oranges. The client just wanted something else. When you go in a store and see racks of sweaters, you choose one or two and buy them. It does not mean all the others were horrible, does it? You must get used to rejection and just not THINK about an audition any more if you don't get it. That's all. Hope this helps. You win some you lose some. The guy who sells real estate and the hairdresser feels the same way...she pleases some clients, some buy a home, others walk away...it's meaningless. Just try to be good as a vo talent and also DO NOT RELY on agents. Sell your own stuff!!!
Hello Bettyee, I wish I had seen the dates for your Michigan seminar earlier, I would have tried to come. I saw it only a couple days prior. I couldnt change my work schedule that quickly. Hope you do another and hope it was successful.



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