I'm having the PC v Mac dilemma, and am swinging towards Mac, but as an Adobe Audition girl, I don't know what options are out there for Mac? Does anyone use anything other than Pro Tools? It seems a bit OTT for just editing voice, although lovely ;-) Would v much appreciate your thoughts.

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Beau Weaver sings the praises of a program called Twisted Wave. Does everything you need it to and its real easy to use. Why don'tchya give it a google?
I tried Twisted Wave (about $80) based on Beau Weaver's recommendation and found that I really like it. It's fast, simple, and easy to use — with heavy emphasis on fast. It's not particularly feature-heavy but works very well for quickly editing voiceover.

I also use Amadeus Pro (about $40) when I need more effects, etc.

Further up the food chain: Logic Express, Logic Studio (both are Apple products). Haven't used these though I know they're more like ProTools in that they're really designed for music production.
Twisted Wave! Yep, I finally took Beau Weaver's advice and gave it a try. Inexpensive and easy to use. You can try Twisted Wave for 30 days for free. I tried it for 30 days and it paid for itself quite a few times over. If you need multi-track editing, Pro Tools, Logic, etc. are options, but I gotta tell ya, I love Adobe Audition. I'm seriously thinking of heading back to PC for that reason. However, depending on the Mac you buy, you may want to try Adobe Soundbooth. It's got some great features for VO folks. It won't work with my Power Mac G5, but it is designed for Intel Macs.
Rock on in the VO world, Natalie.
Yes, Natalie. I'm a ProTools user, but I'm going to give Twisted Wave a try when I'm on the road and not in my studio. Thanks Beau!
And by the way, I'm a Macbook Pro person who just watched some DVD's on ProTools and I'm good to go. No, I can't mix a 75 piece orchestra, but that's not what us VO folk are all about anyhow.

Best to you all.
Twisted Wave is Cool. It seems very easy to use. Other options for Mac are BIAS Peak and Audacity (free). Personally I use Pro Tools 8 on Mac OS X and Win XP Pro with the occasional system crash on my MacBook Pro. The one thing to consider if you buy an Apple system with an Intel processor, is that you can install Windows (I know it sounds ugly) on the Mac Via BootCamp. This way you could boot into Windows or Mac OS X which allows you to run either Win or Mac based apps on the same system.

Have fun.
Hello Natalie,
I have always had a Mac and, I love it !!! For me, it is the way to go if you work in the voice field. You will find that most recording studios use Macs as well. I use Peak Pro to record, edit and do batch processing. it is not too expensive and I have found that many of the sound engineers I work with, have used Peak Pro but, have moved to Pro Tools because it is fancier but, as voice professionals, we do not need to learn that much. I am in the process of learning Peak Pro and have not found it to be that difficult to understand. You can convert to wav, mp3, aif, etc.
Good Luck !
Isabella Arevalo
Spanish Voice Actress

Wow! I had no idea there were so many options, and lots of free trials so hopefully I can work out which is best for me. Thanks for all your suggestions, I really appreciate them.

I think I'm going to go for the Mac, there seem to be so many plus points over Windows, despite the hefty price tag.
I'm looking at a 20" iMac 2.66Ghz, 4 Gb ram, 320Gb hard drive ... do you think I'll be ok with this, or should I bite the bullet and opt for the faster processor? And how do you feel about screen size? Right now I'm editing on a laptop, so everything looks big to me!


Hi Natalie,

I know this is an old thread and didn't know if you knew this or not, but there's a free "beta" version of Adobe Audition out now for Macs. I downloaded it on my Macbook Pro and it works great!

Good luck!



My new iMac will be arriving shortly and being so used to the original ease of use Audacity,I became very frustrated with the Beta version's Silence Generator. When we record VOs,we know the importance of cleaning up certain projects with some inserted silences.The original Audacity made for some very quick editing and silence generation. The Beta version for the iMac has lots of hoops to jump through. Anyone have comments about Twisted wave and it's editing capabilities..especially in the 'silence insertion' area? I may just try it out and see for myself. Thanks!


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