So I'm watching an episode of Charlie Rose from March... and he's talking with Chris Anderson, the editor of "Wired" magazine and author of the new book "Free", who is talking about all things internet, self-promotion and social networking. (Which is just fascinating... and you can watch it here:

Chris is saying how he thinks eventually social networking will be narrowed down to specific groups and interest. He mentions a website called (not be confused with which is Microsoft's new search engine). Anyway, Ning, he says, is a host site for the already existing sites that have fine tuned the networking aspect.

Always a curious girl, and what the heck I'm sitting at the computer, I log on... and I get 'welcome, Cindy' .... along with my photo! What? And right before the panicky palpitations knock me outta my chair, I see mention of Zurek (hi, Zurek!) and notes from others on audio production and voiceovers... and whew... at least I'm among my own kind. But... how?... what the---????

One more click and it becomes clear. Voiceover Universe is already part of Ning!! Whew and wow. (And while I was here, i changed my picture to a fun one from a great sesssion yesterday.)

VU- you're soooo cutting edge! And I am soooo relieved. Good to know, it's not Big Brother watching but more like Zurek keeping an eye out for me... Nice.

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