Often times people will pass up major voiceover opportunities due to lifestyle change, standards, guidelines, religious or political believes etc;

This practice, in some cases, can halt ones voiceover career.

So we ask...


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Short answer: yes.  Long answer: still yes

If I truly know about a product, then I follow my convictions.

It depends...on what the situation is...if its an its a direct depends on the pay.

I am not sure "believing" in the product or service is the key.  Often there is no way to test out or try a product before doing a VO project.  For me, it comes down to the type of product.  I have a hard time voicing spots for male enhancement, marital aids, or DVDs for "wild girls on the loose" and then narrating a video for a Christian ministry.  There are some types of product or service that I feel "uncomfortable" doing work for..and that is what it boils down to for my personal level of credibility and comfort.  I do a lot of national direct response TV spots.  Some don't even make it on air because of the questionable quality or effectiveness of the product..but that won't stop me from making a living.  I seriously doubt that the general public with sit up and exclaim "that's the same voice guy that did the commercial for the crappy toaster we got"

A product I don't believe in, no. 

A product I don't use, but other people believe in, yes.


I just turned down a huge amount of work that was an e-learning module on how to fly a military jet that drops bombs and fires missiles. Morally, I'm not your guy for such work. 

Other than killing, I'm not opposed to anything else I think:-)

I hope I would have the courage to stand by my convictions .... however, it may be a question of degree ... I may not like a certain brand and never use it, but would probably do a VO for them ... but with some caveats, for example,  I would not work for a brand that I knew was implementing sweat shop labour, or child labour or was exploiting its workers. And I would certainly not work for an organisation or group group whose views I was fundamentally opposed to; anyone promoting something that I really disagree with ... or anything illegal or dangerous - and I'm with Jonathan about the killing .. I think you have to stick with your convictions ... and be prepared to stand up and be counted - you have to live with yourself after all.

Depends. For candidates or issues I do not believe in, I would say no. For products, however cheezy they may be, yes.

Products? Yes, but I wouldn't voice anything for a political candidate that I have a fundamental difference with. I have my ethical and moral limits!

Depends. If it is for a candidate or cause I do not personally believe in, no, I would not voice it. If it is a product, regardless of how cheezy it may be, probably yes!

Nope, I would not.

In my non-voice over life I am a journalist so when I get auditions or requests to voice political campaigns or "newsy" issues that I might have to objectively write about (i.e., the current succession petitions several states have working) I must say no. 

Its the same reason I've always been a registered independent voter.

Diane Dimond 


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