Is there anybody else in the Universe getting unusual notes from people on VOICES? I got another one today from a woman who wants to "know a little more about me and get some pictures" very strange, wonder if this is a mass e-mail going out to a lot of people or an isolated inquiry?

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Yes, i received the same thing. Of course I trashed the message because it had all the red flags: bad spelling, strange styntax, and of course illogical Mr. Spock - asking for a picture (on a voice demo site) and to know more about me, when it's all there in my profile? Delete.

BUT the strange thing to me was the the message was in my email box designated by me, but no message itself on inbox. Strange, but no further investigation required.
Yep - I got one too this morning from a "miss jenifer wast" and, just like Barry - it had all the red flags. It'll be interesting to see if anyone else pipes up about it...
Hey - Even I got one a couple of days back, from a "miss jenifer wast"...asking about my pictures & more details if I was interested...Same characteristics....bad spelling, peculiar syntax, unusual feel....and on top of it...the message was just in my mailbox & not in my inbox.....wat is going on ???? Some strange voices on !!!!
I got a nice reply back from Laurynda Pasma at VOICES, They deleted this persons account, that is why the message did not show up on our inbox.
Seems as though it was one incident...and a poor one at that -- so she received few if any bites.
we all seem to have had the same reaction.
Hey John,

Yes, I've received (2) such e-mails via VOICES 123.. gal says she looked at my profile and wants to "get to know me better".. I just delete them however I'm wondering what the best method is to block this type of trash.. Let me know,vice-versa..


Bob Tomlin


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