Hi All,

I'm looking into signing up on one of the voice talent websites so that I can start pursuing some gigs on my own.  Does anyone have feedback on which site is better overall - voice123.com or voices.com?

Would appreciate all feedback!!


Michelle Kaufer

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Hey Michelle.....They are very different.  From what I know...voices.com works exactly as  you would expect it to.  You get auditions in your email box....pick the ones you want to do..and do them. 


Voice123.com....works on the same principle...however they have a system in place to dole out the auditions. It is called SMART CAST.  And though you may be right for certain auditons...you may not GET THEM sent to you because of several different things. 


1. If SMART CAST thinks you are auditioning TOO MUCH....it will cut you off...like a bartender kind of.  It will start limiting the number of auditions you receive...but you don't get a parital refund of your membership fee...lol. 


2. If you get BAD RATINGS OR COMMENTS from a client you do an audtion for...it will DING your rating also.  If you do a ton of auditions and book nothing...your rating hits the floor.  So the idea (I think) of Smart Cast is to make people be picky and not just audition for EVERYTHING that comes across the table....they say your chances of sucess with the site are better this way.  It is like playing a strategic board game kind of.  I will be honest....I JUST got a membership at v123 and am already tired of "playing the game"....I have had it only a few days and am "over it" and MAY not even use it ever again....or...perhaps I will do a few auditions over the next year and book one...who knows.  It's a write off..I do know that.

Join us at www.voplanet.com.  We don't penalize you for auditioning and we get higher paying gigs than most other sites.

Thank you all so much for your responses!!

Steven: when you say VOPlanet works like an agency what do you mean exactly?  Are they seeking work for you?

Based on the comparison it seems like VOPlanet is the best bet - ?



Hi Michelle,

Thank you for starting this conversation! I hope I'm not too late to the party.

While I'd be pleased to earn your business, please note that I'm leaving that decision up to you :)  Voices.com is unique in a number of ways.  My reply will share more about how we can serve you.

When someone is subscribed with Voices.com, they are able to take advantage of benefits such as higher ranking in our search engine and the ability to audition for any and all jobs that match their profile. Other benefits our members enjoy are one-on-one consultations with Voices.com's Success Manager, Kelly Matthews, and the opportunity to participate in ongoing training offered for free through 3 weekly webinars that are geared toward helping our members succeed in terms of use of the site and also how they promote themselves.

Something else Voices.com offers is industry knowledge as both co-founders, of which I am one, come from the industry.  David Ciccarelli is an audio engineer and honours graduate of the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology and I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music (Voice) from the Don Wright Faculty of Music at the University of Western Ontario.  This knowledge is shared online through articles, podcasts and videos.  We also speak at conferences and enjoy networking with our local business community and our global network of talent and clients.

Something else you may be pleased to know is that Voices.com staff members are trained on the industry and bring their own areas of expertise to the table which benefits our customers.

Voices.com is growing steadily and continues to innovate largely based upon the feedback we receive from our customers.  We're actually working on something exciting right now that will improve elements of our voice matching technology.  There will be more to come regarding these advancements.  For the meantime, know that this will mean better matching while still maintaining the profile-based matching system that democratically allows talent to audition for any and all jobs that match their profile.

David and I employ 17 full-time employees on-site at our offices in London, ON Canada who are dedicated to taking care of our customers and acquiring new business from clients who need voiceovers recorded.

We built our business upon customer service and also place a strong emphasis on the quality of jobs that are posted at the site.  For instance, we have a $100 minimum for those posting jobs and also abide by ethical job posting guidelines to provide a safe environment for all people who use the site.  Payment through the Voices.com site is guaranteed for voice talent thanks to our SurePay escrow service.  Those posting jobs (clients) pay Voices.com a modest fee for use of the site and our project management services upon hiring a voice talent and successfully completing their project online.

Have you visited our site and read testimonials from satisfied customers?  If not, here's a link to where you can read success stories and case studies:


Also, take a look at our presence on Facebook.  We have additional presences on LinkedIn and Twitter should you be interested, however, Facebook is my personal favourite:


Should you need any help or if you are interested in learning more about our company, you can also check out our YouTube channel here and get a better feel for who we are, our values and how we strive to go above and beyond for our customers:


Thank you again for the opportunity to share more about how we can serve you, Michelle.  If you'd like to speak with someone on the phone for more information, you are welcome to call us toll-free at 1-888-359-3472 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.  When prompted, be sure to press "1" to connect with a friendly Voices.com representative who can answer your questions thoroughly and provide you with additional resources if you would like.

With warm regards,

Stephanie Ciccarelli

Chief Marketing Officer
Co-founder of Voices.com



I'm speaking from experience, not condescension, but do the math. Any online group that boasts of having a membership in the tens of thousands is not as interested in your career as it is in the membership fees from all of those people. Competing for a 60.00 radio spot is not helping your career or the voice over industry.

If you just need the practice, then flip a coin. My real advice is to get a flexible day job and go for real work.


Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.



Good morning Bob,


Thank you for joining the conversation.  I hope my reply finds you well.


The statement made about any online group that boasts to have tens of thousands of voice talent not being interested in the individual success and well being of their members is unfounded.  We care about each of our customers and go to lengths to help our members achieve their goals.  While I may not have changed your perspective regarding marketplaces as a whole, Voices.com is an exception in that the experiences had by our members and their individual return on investment (whether it be financial, personal, educational, search engine related, etc.) does matter to us.


After reading your comment, I took a look to see if you were listed on Voices.com.  You do have a Guest membership with our service (which is good) but I noticed that you don't have a voice over demo listed on the site.  Only talent with demos can be searched for on Voices.com and given your experience I'd like to see some voice samples for prospective clients to review that would enable you to be found and as a result, potentially hired.  You can also add some testimonials and a client list to your Feedback page too to help build trust with those clients.

Here are a number of links from a recent series I published on my blog VOX Daily that can help you to update your profile. The most important aspects of how to present yourself to be found on Voices.com are also emphasized (Profile, Demos, Feedback, Promotion):


General Profile Completion Tips For Better Marketability



How To Get More People Listening To Your Demo



How Testimonials Build Trust Online



Polishing And Promoting Your Voices.com Profile



If you need any advice or direction, please email support(@)voices.com and let us know how we can be of further service to you.


Enjoy your weekend!


Best wishes,


Stephanie Ciccarelli

Co-founder of Voices.com

Bob - Thanks for your honest advice, I appreciate it.  I already have a non-union VO agent in LA and do ok with them.  I'm looking to expand my reach wherever I can :)


Stephanie - I also appreciate your input re: Voices.com.  I can certainly appreciate that you believe in your company and its customer support etc etc, however, I put the post up to get feedback from VO talent that had experience (good and bad) in any of the VO sites.  I didn't want this to turn into a venue for promoting any one particular site, I'm sure you can appreciate that.


All that being said - thank to all who responded and I welcome any additional feedback from VO talent who've had experiences with any of the online VO sites.




The big take away from this should be....it's not apples to apples.  They are completely different models.

Thanks Michelle for getting this discussion started.  I am late to the discussion but from the replies I have learned which is my goal.  It helps in making a decision as to what I need to do.  I have been hanging around learning for a few months.  I am now ready to enter the online world as well as jump into promoting myself.  




Hi Michelle,
Recently I contacted Voices.com home office and they spent nearly 3/4 of an hour helping me augment my membership site. I now receive 6 to 10 auditions per day and can say that the staff at Voices are more interested and responsive than most.

Thank you for starting this discussion, Michelle.  It's something I've been pondering as well and this has been helpful input.


Best of Luck,


Hi Michelle. First of I'm really glad you posted this question as the responses have been really useful and informative. People often ask me what the difference is between our site and other competitors like voices and 123 and my simple answer is that they function as vast banks of VO resources whereas at www.piehole.co.uk we have a smaller selection of VO's with professional demos and training experience. But we're a directory and not an agency. It's a different set up but different courses for different horses!


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