I'm in VO for animation. I've been told by just about everyone to get a (digital) voice recorder that I can carry around with me to record voices I come up with, as well as interesting people I meet when I'm out.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding out which ones are compatible with macs, and of those, which is worth it. I'm definitely not looking to spend more than 100 bucks, preferably less than 50. Anyone have any reviews of ones they've used or any suggestions?

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I replied to this a couple of days ago but it may not have gone thru properly. My comment was something along these lines:

What are you trying to accomplish or what is your goal...in trying to find a voice recorder that is "compatible" with your Macintosh? Are you just talking about a small, hand held voice recorder to capture ideas and voices that hit you out of the blue? If so.....I have one that I carry from time to time....you can get them for 19.00 or so at Radio Shack or Target...etc.

Now...I'm not sure why you want to connect it to your computer. That might be the part I am missing here. If you let me know what your end goal is with it....I can help you out more. I just never connect mine to my computer. The sound quality you get on these isn't good enough to need to put on your computer...you could get the same quality (almost) by holding the speaker up to your microphone...if you really need to the sound from there to your computer....
I've been advised to start a voice library, as in my own characters, as well as celebrities and interesting voices I hear on the street. But reading your comment, I guess you're right! I really probably don't need one, maybe at all. Very helpful. Thank you!



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