I noticed that all of you seem to have a pretty good grip on the voice over world and as a beginner I had a question about websites. In your experience which once seem to be the most beneficial....especially for the investment. Voices.com, Voice123, VOPlanet...etc. I appreciate the help navigating the web.

Thank you,

Craig Ramage

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Thanks for the info....but I gotta say, you are extremely good. You should have 96 excellent ratings. So you've gotten 96 jobs off of voices.com? Just out of curiousity, in how much time?

I also believe Steven Lowell works for the same website listed in his post, so his answer is skewed towards his employer. In all fairness he should have disclosed that to you in his answer, perhaps it was an oversight.

It is my opinion Craig, that making comparisons is your job, in order to make a decision in how you spend your money on marketing. Every single penny you spend you must be comfortable that you may never see it again. Making comparisons is what every single producer, voice seeker, director and client will do to you, that is a fact. So doing the same thing on how you spend your money will protect your business interests.

Best of Luck,
Your honesty and opinions are always appreciated Steven, thank you.
You can also sign up with VO.VU - www.vo.vu

It's absolutely free. Sure - it's not the best-know VO place on the web ... yet ;-) But why not get your name - and voice - out as many places as possible!

Just an idea...

All the best



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