hi everybody (hi doctor nick ) lol

ok i have been doing a lot of research on VO for almost a year now (had to make sure it was me) and it seems as if everyone comes from a broadcast or acting background..

does that put me at an disadvantage ??

i have a mac pro and a blue snowball on the way ... but im wondering---- acting class first or vo coach or learn more about the tech end of it ... ????

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I've never taken a traditional on-stage or on-camera acting class. Although, voice over classes are acting classes too. A good VO instructor will help you with your acting, but sure, taking other traditional acting classes won't hurt, I just don't feel they're necessary. They weren't for me. I think it's more important to learn the vo craft (i.e. mic technique, booth etiquette, how to interpret copy, how to find your signature sound, how to market yourself, how to get an agent, etc, etc.).

Good luck.

Chris Fries
thanks that helps a lot .. i guess id take some acting during down time then .. with that being said .. im looking for a vo coach ... im in the la area and willing to drive .. but i want someone that will show me all aspects of vo and no just getting behind a mic
If you're in LA, you're in the motherland. There are fantastic coaches everywhere in this area. Go to www.voiceoverresourceguide.com. There you can select the "training" tab and pick coaches. If you'd like, I can make some recommendations.

Feel free to contact me anything with follow up questions.



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