I just purchased the Rolls Pi9 phone patch, but keep running into issues with my cable telephone service. My modem freaks out every time I try to plug it in...I called Rolls and they said I might try contacting my service provider, but this is the proprietary modem that they use, so I'm kind of stuck with it.

Has anyone else run into the same issues when trying to use a phone patch with telephone service that's provided by your cable company and not a hard-wired land line?

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Comcast came out and tested it, but couldn't get the mic to work. Returning the Rolls and buying a JK Audio AutoHybrid (that's the one the tech I spoke to recommended). Not expensive and she said she hadn't heard of anyone having issues with using a digital voice service provider vs. a hard (analog) landline. Any and all help is greatly appreciated...thanks!

You might try Vonage and the newer Vonage phone interface. It uses your cable internet connection. I get excellent quality patch when I use it.  I do have a boost package from comcast for my internet.

There's also a Dlink DPH50U interface you can use for Skype.


I know I'm a little late on this reply....but as you know, there is nothing worse than having equipment issues when you are in a session with the client!  I use the Gentner DH-20 digital Phone Hybrid (now made by Comerex, but exactly the same). More expensive, but you'll buy it once and NEVER have problems with any system.  There's more to it, but I don't want to get all techy on you.  Look into it...here's the link


Jerry Pelletier

I was able to setup a patch solution using SKYPE which works pretty well.  The phone number for Skype was $30 for the year and I found instructions on plugging this into my mixer.


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